Why You Visit Malkamari National Park

Why You Visit Malkamari National Park

The north eastern province of Kenya is predominantly known a round the world due to the harsh weather conditions that make the region almost inhabitable. Tourist may then be tempted not to look into this region once they visit Kenya. However, there are scenic sites and other tourist attractions across the region. One such area is the Malkamari National Park that lies along Edaua River on the Kenya Ethiopia border.

The park is strategically located on the Mandera plateau. Malkamari National Park was established and gazette as a national park in 1989 after the government noted that the region has a variety of wild animals and that it would be better if they are conserved in a park.

The Northern Province is known to be hot and dry and the Malkamari National Park is no exception. Tourists are advised to dress very light and carry adequate amounts of water, sunscreen and hats for the entire duration they will be at the park. Tourists should also carry cameras and binoculars so as to view the spectacular sights and sounds of the park.

Though Malkamari National Park is remotely located in the outskirts of urbanization, it has an airstrip making it more accessible than many other national parks. Tourist can acquire a charted plane to Mandera airstrip from where they can easily get to Malkamari National Park. The poor infrastructure of the region makes it impossible for tourist to access Malkamari National Park by road.

The park also has major tourists’ attractions such as the fort of Malkamari, the numerous hills scattered around the park and the valleys. Since the area is largely semi arid it has bush lands and grasslands that are found along the Daua River. A visit to Malkamari National Park is the ultimate experience of hardship and the wilderness. Those individual that like to test their limits can do so by visiting this park. There is hardly any life around and in the park.

The park is surrounded by nomadic herders who are always on the move meaning that they are dispersed across north eastern province. There are hardly any human settlements around the area and tourist may prefer to fly in and then fly out of the region once they finish touring Malkamari National Park.

The geographical sites at Malkamari National Park are the main attraction of the region. On the southern side of the park for instance there are the magnificent kalacha Urane plains whereas the Awara plains lie to the southern side. The northern side marks a boundary that indicates the end of Malkamari National Park and the beginning of the Ethiopian border. The Kenyan-Ethiopian border is separated by the Dawa Wenz River. It is amazing that a mere river separate two nations.

The boundary is a clear indication of the mutual understanding that members of the neighboring communities hold. One side of the river is Ethiopia and the other side is Kenya. The extreme north eastern point of the park also forms part of the Kenya, Ethiopia and Somali meeting point.

Since Malkamari National Park is a new park, it is still under developments.

Factors such as improving the infrastructure so as to make the park accessible by road are underway. Malkamari National Park gives anyone a feel of relaxation as one gets an opportunity to escape form the hustle and activities of the city and enjoys the tranquility of nature.

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