Why You Should Visit Ndere Island National Park

Why You Should Visit Ndere Island National Park

Ndere Island National Park is a small tourism destination situated in the Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria. The park was established in 1986 and covers an area of 4.2 square kilometers. The park is located 50 Kilometers from Kisumu which is the third largest urban centre in the country and the native home of the Dhuluo community.

Ndere is a Dhuluo word which means a “meeting place”. Ndere Island National Park is easily accessible by water from Kisumu. A boat ride from Kisumu town to Ndere National Park will take about two hours. Kisumu is located 347 kilometers from Nairobi and accessible by road and air through the Kisumu airport. A road trip to Kisumu will take you approximately four hours and 35 minutes while using an aircraft will take you less than an hour to arrive to Kisumu.

There are a number of attractions to look forward to when planning to visit Ndere Island. One of these attractions is Lake Victoria. This is the largest lake in Africa and the second largest fresh water lake in the world covering an area of 68,800 square kilometers. The lake and its environs provide spectacular scenery for visitors. A visit to Ndere Island National Park also involves crossing the lake using a boat adding to the experience of the visitors. The boat ride to Ndere Island National Park will provide you with an opportunity to spot a variety of animals that inhabit the lake. These are such as the crocodiles, hundred of fish species and hippos.

Apart from the lake, Ndere Island National Park is richly endowed with small games such as baboons and antelope. This makes the park ideal for game watching. Apart from the hippos and crocodile that are found on the shores of the lake, the rest of the animals inside the park are harmless and therefore you will get an opportunity to walk around the park with the company of a Kenya Wildlife Service ranger.

Ndere Island National Park is also popular for having a variety of bird species including fish eagles, ibis and the hawks. This makes the park an ideal destination for bird lovers. Other activities that can excite you visit to Ndere Island National Park includes; hiking, camping and photography. The park has is covered by grassland vegetation which makes it ideal form camping and hiking. There are also numerous camping and picnic facilities inside the park. The beautiful scenery provided by the lake and landscape also makes Ndere Island National Park an ideal destination for taking photographs.

The climate in Ndere Island National Park and the region as whole is generally hot and humid and therefore you are advised to carry suitable clothes for this kind of weather. Goggles, a hut and sunscreen will go along way in making your stay comfortable. You should also ensure that the boat you riding on to and from the island is well equipped with enough safety jackets for all passengers. You will have no problem with accommodation when visiting Ndere Island National Park as there are numerous luxurious hotels located in the nearby town of Kisumu. Imperial hotel, the Sunset hotel and the Kisumu hotels are some of the establishment you should consider booking yourself into when planning a visit to Ndere Island National Park.  


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