Why You Should Visit Lake Bogoria National Reserve

Why You Should Visit Lake Bogoria National Reserve

Lake Bogoria national reserve is saline water shallow that is located at the northern part of Kenyan rift. It is located about 25km to the south of Baringo. Lake Bogoria national reserve occupies the lake and the nearby lands, with an area of 107km2.

During the colonial period, the lake had obtained its name from its founder, the Kampala bishop Hannington. He was the first European to see the area in 1885, as he was traveling to his diocese. This was to be a glorious day for this priest, but as well his last trip since after reaching Lake Victoria he was killed mercilessly under an order of Mwanga II a Buganda king.

Lake Bogoria national reserve shows a very good general appearance of natural features of bluish hills having dry bush, riverine forests, grasslands, framing the calm water shallow that is pinned with flamingos. Past the eastern part that borders Lake Bogoria national reserve, the soil suddenly rises to 600m in the Laikipia Escarpment. At the opposite edge, the earth forms swampy crusts which are strangely colored, breaking up in deep gaps and spitting stinky sulphur waters and stream jests.

The close-up geysers, the pink brushstrokes of the flamingos on the lake and also the dramatic environment of the Laikipia escarpment, give a hardly beatable aesthetical composition. One should be keen on the signs posts which indicate danger since the earth collapses next to the indicated point and there is as well a boiling.

Lake Bogoria national reserve is not even the worst of the wildlife descent. Individuals who love wildlife will be fascinated with the unmatched value of being the easiest place to reach in the entire country, where one has the privilege of viewing the majestic greater kudu. There are as well some wildlife that cab ne found in Lake Bogoria national reserve and this makes this attraction make up for most of the game that one would like to see at any location.

Animals that can be spotted in Lake Bogoria national reserve include dik diks, zebras, impalas, antelopes and monkeys and this is because the area of the reserve is mostly dry and covered by grassland and hence one will not be able to spot most of the big five like the elephants, lions, cheetahs and buffaloes. In Lake Bogoria national reserve you will sometimes spot pink flamingos when lucky which usually migrate from Lake Nakuru which is not very far when the lake is down and they need the algae growing in the Lake Bogoria national reserve.

In Lake Bogoria national reserve there are also variety of bird species that can be watched and this makes it a very ideal place for someone to do research for these animal types. The other groups of animals which are easy to spot in Lake Bogoria national reserve is the greater kudu which is a very rare kind of animal which is only found here. The climate of the area is hot and humid coastal climate.

To crown it all we can state that the major attraction in Lake Bogoria national reserve are steam jets, bubbling hot springs and flamingoes.

In Lake Bogoria national reserve there is Lake Bogoria hotel which can house visitors in the area. On visiting Lake Bogoria national reserve one experiences one of the rare attractions which are found at the rift valley part of Kenya.

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