Why You Should Visit Central Island National Park

Why You Should Visit Central Island National Park

 Kenya is a country that is endowed with extensive range of tourist attractions; central island National park being one of them. Central island national park covers an area of 5 square kilometers and it is located at the banks of Lake Turkana which is 800 kilometers from Nairobi. It is about 10 kilometers offshore from the Ferguson Gulf. Central island national park has three vents of which two have formed soda crater and fresh water lakes. Central island national park has three scenic craters lakes like flamingo lake, Crocodiles Lake and Tilapia Lake.

The climatic condition of central island national park is hot and dry and it serves as an important breeding ground for crocodiles. Getting to Central island national park by road you will have to go 800 kilometers from Nairobi then you take a boat from Sibiloi national park or from Lodwar. Traveling from Nairobi is by the main Nairobi Moyale road or from Maralal to Loiengalani via Baragoi and south horr. You can also visit Central island national park using a flight where there are two airstrips at Sibiloi. It is composed of dozens of cones and craters three of which are filled by small lakes.

The two largest lakes fill the craters to up to one kilometer wide and 80 meters deep with floors near sea levels. Central island national park is administered by Kenya wildlife services. The youngest central island lava and tuffs may be as young as Holocene. A fumarolic activity is mostly concentrated in the south east to north east rim of the central crater and sprays of sulfur from fumaroles were observed in 1930 when there were visitors who visited the island.

 The major attractions in Central island national park are the flamingo crater which has wonderful birdlife. Over 20000 lesser flamingos cover the lake during certain periods of the year while the grey herons and Eurasian spoonbills and goliath can be spotted resting on the cliffs.

The crocodile lake is the habitats for crocodiles and it is designated as the main breeding place for Nile crocodiles and large water turtles can be seen on the island but they are threatened by poaching. The wildlife in the ecosystem of Central island national park are hippopotamus, topis, plains and grevy’s zebras, Oryx’s, grants gazelles, reticulated gazelles, vervet monkey, monitor lizard, python, common duiker, bush pig, bush baby, rock hyrax, mongoose, porcupine, aardvark.

 Different activities can be performed while you visit Central island national park which include camping, climbing and walking through the nature trails. A visit to the Central island national park provides one with a great opportunity of photographing and viewing.

Camping while in Central Island national park is possible but one has to be self sufficient as there are no facilities provided and there is no time limit for visiting the reserve; the reserve is open all year round and camping is allowed in the reserve. Central Island national park has lots of birds with more than 150 species identified including hooded kingfisher, carmine and European bee eater, black headed oriole, great sparrow hawk, violet breasted sunbird, brown breasted sunbird, ring necked dove, bronze sunbird, speckled moosebird and superb starling. The climate is favorable all year round therefore you should make an effort to visit the park and enjoy the marvels of the nature.

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