Why Should One Visit Masai Mara National Reserve?

Why Should One Visit Masai Mara National Reserve?

There are very many reasons on why should one visit Masai Mara National Reserve which is found in Kenya. In order to explain why one visit Maasai Mara National Reserve should is the fact that the entire holiday is one memorable and awesome holiday spot. The safari package to the national reserve is one worth a person’s time and money.

The reason why a visit to Masai Mara National Reserve should depends on the number of days they need in their safari package since no matter how long the period of choice may be, there is something new to do on each new day. This means that there is not even a single day that one goes without experiencing something new from this amazing and breath taking scenarios presented by the Masai Mara National Reserve. The Masai Mara national reserve offers a variety of activities including game viewing, site seeing and accommodation.

The journey to this national reserve is around 270 km from Nairobi which means taking about five and a half to six hours. Even before getting to the reserve, the journey to masai Mara national reserve itself is full of so many exciting and awesome instances that make the entire six journey safari short enough.

Although there is a stretch of the path that is unpaved, rough, bumpy, dusty, and distractions along the way makes the entire teeth rattling experience one worth to remember. Like for instance along the way is the spectacular site of the Great Rift Valley which can be viewed along the way on several view points located along the roadside. Since most of the surroundings near the Masai Mara national reserve are arid, some distractions along the way include herds of wild animals like Zebras, Impalas and the dotted giraffe. This is a great sneak preview of the other experience with the wildlife that awaits one in the reserve.

For many years, the Masai Mara has been known for its millions and millions of game heads which includes the cheetah, the lion and the Leopard. Actually, the Masai Mara national reserve is known for its largest bodied and fiercest lion concentrations. The sight of this game is mesmerizing and Masai Mara is one game reserve that will offer to any visitor even more spectacular sights than just what the books or stories from other people have to offer.

The best and most amazing part of Masai Mara national reserve is its large spectacle of wildebeests roaming in the vast lush savanna. The wildebeests provide a spectacular sight and more so in the times of the year when they are migrating to Tanzania. The scene is spectacular and visiting the Masai Mara national reserve is what makes the one have first hand experience on just how it feels to have experienced this piece of the Seven Wonders of the World.

To most people, it may be obvious to experience the sight of zebras, buffaloes and the gazelles. However, seeing them in their habitat within the Masai Mara national reserve is outstanding. The reasons for saying this are the fact that they are found in countless herds with other rare animals like the Duiker, dik-dik, klipspringer, oribi and the kudu. As these animals graze on the Masai Mara national reserve plains, the escapade of the Masai Mara surrealism is added and this is no doubt something worth experiencing.


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