Why Should One Visit Losai National Reserve

Why Should One Visit Losai National Reserve

The republic of Kenya is very rich in natural fauna and flora. In this light, there is a lot to offer to anyone who plans to visit any part of this great nation. Although many people may unanimously agree that the northern part of Kenya, which is the most dry has nothing to offer except for sporadic rainfall, better take on your camping and picnic equipment and visit the Losai National reserve.

The Losai National reserve is one of the many national parks and national reserves that are found in the Northern part of Kenya and which offers a reason for one to pay a visit to this arid and hot area. The Losai National reserve neighbors the Marsabit national reserve and a part of the huge reserve that consisted of today’s Shaba, samburu, losai and buffalo springs reserves. The Losai National reserve covers an area of approximately 1,806 sq Km and was opened in the year 1976 on January as an independent reserve.

In the Losai National reserve is a wide range of wild, semi-desert, landscape which is characterized by rocky hills, plains, and rivers. The present wild life in the Losai reserve includes elephants, Gerenuk, Lesser and Greater Kudu and the Grant Gazelle. Combined with the Losai National reserve’ s landscape the wild animals offer a great and spectacular view worth the time and money of a person in need of a great holiday camping site.

The scenic beauty found in the Losai National reserve is breath taking and memorable since it is the only one of that kind. Whether local or international tourist, a visit to the Losai National reserve is worth consideration for the fact that amazing flora will be at your disposal and that neighboring reserves like the Shaba, samburu, buffalo springs and marsabit national reerves are just within minutes drive for a change to more beautiful attractions.

In order to access the Losai National reserve, visitors are advised to use the Isiolo/Marsabit road which passes through the reserve. This is because the reserve is located in Isiolo town which is found in the northern part of Kenya. The climate in the Losai National reserve region is hot and dry and only seasonal rivers snake along the reserve with riverine woodlands growing on the river banks.

The hot and dry climate may not hot lots of Flora and fauna but it makes it worth to have a view of the Losai National reserve’s wilderness landscape and the rocky hills within this reserve. With such a landscape and hot weather, the Losai National reserve is home to so many reptiles, which dwell mostly in rocky areas, as well as insect species.

The most common reptiles include the python, cobra and the lizard, while the insects within the Losai National reserve include the grasshoppers, beetles and the bees. Like the saying goes ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ the same is true for the Losai National reserve as its reptiles and insects or anthropods attractions are just unique to itself. As earlier pointed out, the Losai reserve has majority of it vegetation being dominated by medium thorn bush land together with riverine woodlands and semi desert woodlands. Due to the fact that the area is characterized by lava plateau with volcanic plugs scattered all over, tourists are advised to use very strong vehicle like the 4WD. Have a great holiday at Losai reserve today.

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