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Why should one visit Kiunga Marine National Reserve

Why should one visit Kiunga Marine National Reserve

The Kiunga Marine National reserve is located in Lamu, Coast Province in Kenya and lies at a sea level of 30 meters. The national reserve is 976 kilometers from Nairobi town, and 372 kilometers from Malindi town. Since Kiunga Marine National Reserve is located in the province of the coast, a notable feature is the fact that a humid climate characterizes the place with the average temperature per year ranging from 22 to 34 degrees Celsius. The mean annual rainfall of the reserve is about 500 millimeters annually. Among the key reasons why one should visit Kiunga Marine National Reserve is the region’s biodiversity.

The reserve not only contain dugong grass and microscopic marine plants, but there is also a fringing offshore that has about 50 coral islands that serve as home to great population of fist at the reef. Other common views are those of the turtle and dugong. Kiunga Marine National Reserve also hosts several seabirds that nest in colonies in significant numbers.

Another good reason why one should make a point of visiting Kiunga Marine National Reserve while in Kenya is the fact that the reserve can be accessed at any given time of the year. Some of the things that should be packed for the visit include snorkel, footwear, sunscreen, camera, T-Shirt and a lot of drinking water.

Visitors can get to Kiunga Marine National Reserve by sea, road or air. When getting to the place by road, visitors need to know that Kiunga is a small village situated approximately 150 kilometers to the North Easter part of Lamu town. If sea is he chosen mode of transport, visitors should be aware that a ship or dhow can be used to get to Kiwayu Island from Lamu town. With respect to air, an airstrip that is near the reserve is located at Mkokoni. Kiunga Marine National Reserve is the best place for visitors to learn the rich and intriguing culture of the traditional Swahili people.

The fact that there are Islands in the stream is another reason why one should opt to visit the Kiunga Marine National Reserve. There are 51 coral islands that like about 2kilometers offshore in Kiunga Marine National Reserve. These islands border the mainland of Boni and Dodori national reserves. The islands not only differ in size but they also comprise of eroded coral, bushbuck, lesser kudu, wild pig and the porcupine. One of the most fascinating ecosystems on earth, coral reefs, can easily be viewed at Kiunga Marine National Reserve.

The reefs serve as a home to several types of marine life. The reefs form solely in warm seas, and comprise of tiny polyps, sea anemone-like creatures living together in colonies with some creating a hard skeleton outside their bodies, that later becomes part of the stony coral.

The fact that the reserve creeks as well as inlets act as breeding place for the scarce mermaid-like creature referred to as dugong is another reason why tourist should consider visiting the Kiunga Marine National Reserve. Dugong is a warm-blooded animal that is thought to have a common ancestry with elephants. They are 2. 5 to 3.2 meters long and are thought to weigh form 140 to 170 kilograms.

Dugongs live in marine grasses that grown in the reserve’s shallower waters. Diving, snorkeling and swimming are among the activities that visitors can take part in while in Kiunga Marine National Reserve. The reserve is definitely among the best tourist destinations in Kenya


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