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Why should one Visit Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Why should one Visit Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Buffalo Springs National Reserve is a protected area located in the Eastern province at the Northern part of Kenya. The establishment of the park as part of the Samburu-Isiolo Game Reserve took place in the year 1948 while the current boundaries in the park were developed in 1985.

The management of Buffalo Springs National Reserve is under the city council of Isiolo. What separates Buffalo Springs National Reserve from the Smaburu Ntaional Reserve is the River Ewaso Ngiro. Additionally, the reserve has less hill and density compared to its Samburu counterpart, though both reserves are equally attractive.

The term Buffalo springs was coined from clear water located at the terminal of the sanctuary. The main reason why one should make a point of visiting Buffalo Springs National Reserve is because it serves as a home to a wide range of wild animal species including the common zebra and Grevy zebra. There is prolific bird life with the plains being dominated by the Somali ostrich.

The Southern part of the reserve on the other hand is dominated by the Maasai ostrich which can easily be identified by its legs and necks, which are indigo-colored. Another intriguing view at Buffalo Springs National Reserve is the Kori Bustard, whose length is one meter and portrays unpredictable behavior.

Tourists visiting Kenya should consider touring Buffalo Springs National Reserve because it is more like an island of temptation. The strategic location of the reserve as the northern part of Kenya, a region that is often known to be dry and desolate is a mere tip of the icing for visitors. Visitors are free to choose to either fly or drive to Buffalo Springs National Reserve, which is only 112 km from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. The cool crystal buffalo springs is a magical view since it flows smoothly through the eastern terminal of the reserve. The reserve is a perfect picture of an oasis in the desert with jagged arid thorn bush, symmetrical hillocks, scrubland, riverine forests and the savanna grassland.

Buffalo Springs National Reserve is definitely among the best parks where one can have a retreat. Visitors get a change to not only enjoy the atmosphere that is amazingly cool but they also get a change to learn the rich history of the reserve. It hardly rains in Buffalo Springs National Reserve, owed to the fact that its location is on Mount Kenya’s leeward side. The park was utilized by the Mau Mau of Kenya as a retreat place during the fight for independence. Additional Buffalo Springs National Reserve is a route that was used by the Legendary General Methenge, who was a Mau Mau member on his flight to Ethiopia.

Tourists willing to visit Buffalo Springs National Reserve should be informed that the best time to visit is during the months of July and December, preferably in the early morning hours. An alternative option for visitors with a desire for comfort is to traveling to Buffalo Springs National Reserve late in the evening. With the evident biodiversity, wide range of wildlife including the common zebra, Grevy zebra, Somali Ostrich and the Maasai ostrich as well as serene atmosphere and scenic view, Buffalo Springs National Reserve should be among the best tourist destinations in Kenya. Visitors should make a point of touring the reserve because it would truly turn out to be a memorable experience.

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