South Turkana National Reserve

South Turkana National Reserve

South Turkana National Reserve is situated in a rugged and beautiful extensive land. Only a few visitors tour the reserve which is characterized by riverine forests and dense thorn bushes. The total area covered by the reserve is 1091 square kilometers, and the reserve is under the management of the Kenya Wildlife Service.

A wide variety of species are available at the extensive landscape, particularly away from the riverbeds. A visit to the large expanses of vegetation and landscape is worthwhile, despite the fact that South Turkana National Reserve is low in plains game. The common attractions of South Turkana National Reserve are mountain vistas and the scenic landscape.

The reserve also hosts some permanent rivers which have salty springs, woodland fringes and game viewing. Some wildlife recorded in South Turkana National Reserve includes buffalo, elephant, Oryx, eland, giraffe, bushbuck, impala, Thompson’s gazelle, greater kudu, spotted hyena, lion, and the jackal. South Turkana National Reserve has not only abundant birdlife but it also hosts crocodiles in the rivers. Most of this wildlife is dominant in Kerio River banks.

South Turkana National Reserve can easily be accessed by a flight or road. By the road, the reserve can be accessed from Isiolo town while by flight; visitors can take a plane from Nairobi. South Turkana National Reserve is very remote and located in the Northern part of Kenya. With respect to accommodation, South Turkana National Reserve has no lodges.

The reserve can be visited at any time of the year. The major activity that visitors can take part in while in South Turkana National Reserve is game viewing. It is clear that this remote place is rarely visited and has neither roads nor tourist facilities. Unlike other groups in the region surrounding the South Turkana National Reserve, the local Turkana people kill wild animals for food. This means that currently, only a few wild animals are in the reserve. However, elephants usually migrate from the reserve to the Kerio Valley situated at a close proximity.

The admission costs to South Turkana National Reserve are affordable. Visitors should be ready to part with 20 dollars per head for adults and 10 dollars per each child. This is an extremely affordable cost, owed to the extensive landscape and serene scenery that visitors can get a chance to experience. Moreover, visitors can get a perfect opportunity to perform interesting activities such as fishing, bird watching and game viewing.

There are numerous safari circuits that can guide visitors through different attractions in Kenya. An example of a circuit that visitors should check out when they need to tour the South Turkana National Reserve is the North Rift Region Kenya Safari Circuit. This circuit region provides visitors with inaccessible and remote attractions. This is especially reserved for visitors who wish to visit the country at its most ragged.

Rugged regions such as the South Turkana National Reserve are great attractions to visitors because they host bird sanctuaries, host springs and several lake attractions. It is therefore clear that the South Turkana National Reserve holds fascination for the visitor who wishes to go off the beaten track and experience the rare attractions. The landscape and scenery present in the reserve are rare attractions that are worth visiting. The reserve is definitely among the key destinations that tourists should think of when in Kenya.

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