Rahole National Reserve

Rahole National Reserve

Rahole National Reserve is located northeast of Kora National park. Rahole National Reserve is a large stretch of dry thorns. The reserve is located in Carissa district in North Eastern province. Rahole National Reserve is almost 150 kilometers from Mount Kenya. The reserve is situated on the north bank of River Tana at the western side of North eastern province. Just like other National Reserves and National parks and reserves in the country, Rahole national reserve is managed by Kenya Wildlife service. The reserve can only be accessed by 4WD vehicles as there are no road infrastructures in the area.

There are few tracks in the area and are far from the Reserve. Even where there are tracks, they are tremendously rough and in poor condition and this make it hard for tourists to access the reserve using other kinds of vehicles. The closes track is found at the South near River Tana and tourists can easily access the reserve from this side. There is also another track that leads North West from Carissa to Mbalambala on the eastern sides of Kora national Park and Rahole.

Tourists can use the road heading north from Mbalambala to enter the eastern side of Rahole National Reserve. There are other tracks that tourists visiting Rahole National Reserve can use like the tracks heading towards the western sides of the reserve from Garb Tula town on the Isiolo- Wajir road.

Like Other National Parks and National Reserves in Kenya, Rahole National Reserve attracts as a tourist attraction site in Kenya despite it’s the poor roads. Rahole National Reserve is home to a wide range of animals like elephants. Tourists visiting the park are also able to see Grevy’s zebra and Beisa Oryx. Additionally, tourists visiting the can see hippo, crocodile and plain game. Moreover, Rahole National Reserve is important for birding. The reserve offers an excellent bird view and tourists visiting the reserve are able to see a wide range of birds and animals.

Rahole National Reserve was developed to serve as a protective area for animals migrating from different parts of the country like Meru National Park. Like Kora National Reserve, Bisanadi Reserve and North Kitui National Reserve, Rahole National Reserve protects animals migrating from nearest parts. Further, Rahole National Reserve is an excellent hiking place. Tourists and other people are able to hike in the reserve and this has increased the number of tourists visiting the reserve. Also, Rahole National Reserve offers good fishing areas and camping places. Tourists can enjoy fishing and camping inside the reserve.

Accommodation is also available. Tourists visiting Rahole National Reserve can get accommodation from hotels near Rahole. There are numerous hotels that have been designed well to meet tourist’s needs. Examples include Fairmont hotel in Nanyuki and Outspan hotel.

The hotels are ideal for tourists as they have modern facilities. In addition, the hotels offer a wide range of dishes including African dishes, Chinese and even Indian dishes. This has in turn increased the number of tourists visiting North Eastern parts of the country especially Rahole National Reserve as they are assured of quality food and accommodation facilities. Hence, the reserve has proved to be an excellent place for tourists to visit and also for preservation of wildlife in north Eastern parts of Kenya and also some parts of Eastern province.


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