Ndere Island National Park

Ndere Island National Park

 Ndere Island National Park is located in Kisumu, Nyanza province in Kenya. The park covers an area of approximately 4.2 square kilometers and is located in the northern shore of Lake Victoria. Ndere Island National Park was opened in the moth of November, 1986. The meaning of the term “Ndere” in the Luo tribe of Kenya is “meeting place”. According to the history of the Luo tribe of Kenya, the mother of the tribe, Kit Mikayi, rested near Ndere following her long journey southwards down the Nile Valley. The lush shorelines were so pleasing that Kit Mikay and her people to stay there.

The climate at Ndere Island National Park is hot and humid. Visitors should make a point of visiting the place since it is easy to get there via the road or boat from Kisumu town. Additionally, there is Kisumu airport, which is located at 60 km away from the. Ndere Island National park has neither Park Gates nor Park Roads. Ndere Island is the major attraction. Some of the facilities that the park has include walking trials that are well maintained and two campsites. Activities that visitors can take part in while at Ndere Island National Park include game viewing and walking.

Ndere Island National Park hosts a wide range of birds, with common examples being swifts and fish eagles. There are also wide variety sea animals worth viewing. Some of the notable animals include crocodiles and hippos. There are also the lesser popular spotted crocodiles, which visitors can get an opportunity to view clearly.

In the woodland region fringing the shores of the park, 50 impala have been introduced. Some of the major attractions that visitors should enjoy during their visit to the Ndere Island National Park include walking, traditional fishing, hiking, picnics as well as boat safaris. Visitors should also keep in mind that there are no accommodation facilities at the park so that they can make appropriate arrangements.

Despite the fact that the park does not boast of an opportunity to get a view of the big five, there are some aspects that make Ndere Island National Park a tremendous place to make an exploration. These include the view of beautiful flowers, the smell of fresh vegetation, view of colorful butterflies and the mere tranquility associated with walking along the park. The island is therefore a place worth exploring as part of a day trip. The entrance fee is also affordable for visitors. Adults are charged 20 dollars per head while children are charged 10 dollars. For such an affordable cost, the place is surely worth visiting.

What makes Ndere Island National Park a perfect tourist destination is that it is very close to Kisumu. A small boat set out from the town takes only a few hours to reach the park. The best time to start the journey is before sunrise so that one can get a fair opportunity to spot hippos and crocodiles that mostly bask on the sand shores of Ndere Island National Park.

The island does not host any big predators apart from the aforementioned hippos and crocodiles. Visitors can only walk around the island if they are accompanied by armed park rangers. This is due to the fact that there are baboons which may at times turn out to be dangerous when threatened. The baboons are also an attraction, which further makes Ndere Island National Park among the best tourist’s destinations.

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