Nasalot National Reserve

Nasalot National Reserve

Kenya is a country that is endowed with extensive range of tourist attractions Nasalot National Reserve being one of them. Nasalot national reserve was gazetted in 1979 and it consists of 9200 hectares of beautiful rugged land and the reserve is managed by Kenya wild life services. Nasalot national reserve is located north of mount Melo over 3000 meters. The climate of this area is hot and arid with the major attractions being the rocky out crop at the periphery of the reserve known as Nasalot hill and game viewing.

The plains are broken up by the impressive Sekess Hills which is a continuation of Cherangani ridges. At the north of Nasalot national reserve it is bordered by a section of Turkwel River and at the east it is bordered by Wei Wei River. It overlooks the Turkwel Gorge which is the site of Kenya’s latest hydroelectric power scheme. Nasalot national reserve lies on either the sides of the main highway between Lodwar and Kitale.

The road to the reserve is 146 kilometers north of kitale to the west of the A1 kitale lodwar road. The gate of the reserve lies 6.2 kilometers off the A1 main road. A visit to the reserve is also possible by use of a flight as there is an airstrip at Tukwel dam and Kaputirr. Turkwel hydroelectric dam form 66 square kilometers at predicted capacity and it is also an amenity that can be demoralized to expand tourist products in Nasalot national reserve.

Nasalot national reserve has an important ecosystem with the river valleys and floodplains which support the evergreen forests that is dominated by acacia, ficus, balanites, commiphora and fig trees with many types of sedges and papyrus. The game reserve that are found in Nasalot national reserve are elephants, lions, spotted hyenas, jackal, impala, lesser kudu, bushbuck, duiker, leopards, gazelle, hippos, olive baboon, sykes’ monkeys, vervet monkeys, zebras, beisa and fringe eared Oryx, kirk’s dik dik, and waterbuck.

Watching antelopes is also another activity enjoyed by tourists who visit the Nasalot national reserve. There are lots of crocodiles found in the rivers and abundant birds with more than 150 species identified including hooded kingfisher, carmine and European bee eater, black headed oriole, great sparrow hawk, violet breasted sunbird, brown breasted sunbird, ring necked dove and bronze sunbird.

Nasalot national reserve does no offer accommodation but there are self catering facilities that are managed by the Kenya wildlife services which are available for camping, hotel accommodation may also be available in Eldoret which is some 230 kilometers from Kitale town. The activities that can be done in the reserve are game viewing, sport fishing, boating, bird watching, nature walks and camping.

There is a camping site at Marich pass field studies centre that is located 80 kilometers south of Nasalot national reserve off the main road. There is no time limit for visiting the reserve a visit to Nasalot national reserve is possible all year round. Nasalot national reserve offers facilities like picnic sites, camp sites, tennis courts and swimming pools. The climate is favorable all year round therefore you should make an effort to visit the Nasalot national reserve and enjoy the marvels of the nature.

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