Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park

Kenya’s Nairobi national park is the only major park that is located within a capital city. It is unbelievable that wildlife can be found in their natural habitat right in the middle of a capital city of a country. But this is possible and evident in the Nairobi national park where the wild animals are found in the middle of the city.

The Nairobi national park is the only park in the world where people can have a view of main wildlife such as rhinos grazing in the park from the comfort of their offices. From a high rise building it is possible to view and take pictures of the wild in their natural habitat. Nairobi national park has both migratory and resident population animals meaning that tourist who wish to visit the park can do so at any time of the year and will still have a wonderful experience of wildlife and nature.

Nairobi national park is a preferred tourist destination for many due to the fact that it is located right within the city. Tourists who are enroute some other destination can easily make a stop over at the Nairobi national park before they proceed with their tour. The strategic location of Nairobi national park means that the tourists are not faced with the problem of seeking accommodation. The park is right in the middle of the capital city of Kenya and the tourist can therefore enjoy the many hotels and restaurants around the park. For this reasons the Nairobi national park does no have an in build restaurant and lodging.

Nairobi national park is an attraction due to its diverse flora and fauna. Animals such as the big five can be present. This includes the leopard, the rhino, the buffalo, and the lion can be found. It is only the lion that cannot be found in Nairobi national park. Other animals such as the hippos, the antelopes and the gazelles can also be found. The famous cheetah is also an attraction to the park. The presence of the Athi River gives a cool environment for the existence of animals such as the monkeys, the birds and the crocodiles.

Nairobi national park is also a preferred site for tourist to visit due to the fact that it recently opened a rhino sanctuary. Rhinos are gradually becoming endangered. Rhino are therefore rescued from the high risk areas and brought into their sanctuaries. The presence of the animal orphanage within the same Nairobi national park also makes it an attraction especially for the local Kenyan tourist. Promotion of local tourism is essential and the establishment of the animal orphanage gives the Kenyans who did not have the time to visit the parks and experience similar to that of the wild.

A visit to Kenya is incomplete without a visit to the Nairobi national park. The unique park situated right in the middle of the capital city. Nairobi national park is easily accessible through the road or by air. The close proximity to the capital city makes he preferred mode of travel to be by road. Nairobi national park is just 10 kilometers from the city centre. Tourist within the city centre can take a cab or a bus to the park. For the tourists that are flying in from far areas the presence of the Jomo Kenyatta international airport assures on of getting into the city within the expected time.

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