Mt Longonot National Park

Mt Longonot National Park

Mt Longonot National Park is named after the dormant stratovolcano mountain of Longonot. The mountain rises 2,776 meters high above the sea level. Geologist has named Mount Longonot as a sleeping volcano which is thought to have last erupted in the mid 1800s. Mount Longonot offers an enthralling site formed from its colossal eruption known as the Great Rift Valley. The park is at the Southeast of Lake Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya in Africa.

Longonot is a Maasai term derived from the word oloonongo’ot which means steep ridges or mountains of   many spurs. The Mt Longonot National Park is under the protection of the Kenya Wildlife service. The park ranges from the trails of the mountain to the rim of the crater and also around the loop around the crater.

The Mt Longonot National Park is known for its scenic sight and can be viewed well at the peak and rim of the mountain. It is at Mt Longonot National Park that you will always enjoy a stunning view of miles way when one stands at the mountain. As one climbs Mount Longonot, it will take him or her one to three hours based on the level of fitness.

The mountain also has a crater in the middle which is believed to be formed in the creation of the Great Rift Valley. At the Mt Longonot National Park one will come across various wild animals like the baboons and wild buffalo among other wildlife like zebras, gazelles, antelopes and rabbits. At the Mt Longonot National Park, there is always a KWS warden ton offer the visitors the material information needed concerning the wide range of wild animal in this park.

Mt Longonot National Park covers 52 km2 and a vast area of it being occupied by Mount Longonot. On the side of the mountain there are beautiful ridges and shaped valleys. At the Mt Longonot National Park there is one end with stony soil with minimal vegetation and at the mountains crater there is a huge forest which is impenetrable.

Just like the neighboring Hell’s Gate, Mt Longonot National Park offers its visitors with a wide range of attraction sites who have come for rock climbing and other activities during holidays such as cycling, hiking, and wildlife and bird viewing. The rangers from the Kenya wildlife service   will always be the guides for all visitors of the Mt Longonot National Park. There is however minimal accommodation at the Mt Longonot National Park which is only found at Hell’s Gate. Mt Longonot National Park offers no accommodation. the visitors of Mt Longonot National Park can however enjoy is a fabulous range of luxury ranch, lodges, hostels and home stays around lake Naivasha which provide affordable and ample accommodation.

Mt Longonot National Park bears the privilege of accommodating the highest volcanic mountain, in Kenyans, the Great Rift Valley. The Mt Longonot National Park is characterizes by scenic beatifies that one cannot afford to miss in his or her holiday tour around Kenya. This is because its scenic beauty covers a wide area both in breath and   length. Mt Longonot National Park is open to any visitor be it a foreigner or citizen at a very affordable cost. Have an experience of your life time by visiting Mt Longonot National Park.

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