Mt Kenya National Park

Mt Kenya National Park

Are you a tourist planning on having fun and adventure in Kenya? Why not try the Mt Kenya National Park. Mt Kenya National Park is home to the famous Mount Kenya, the highest mountain in Kenya. The park is located approximately 170 kilometers north east of Nairobi and lies in the central and eastern provinces of the country. Mt Kenya National Park is rich in flora and fauna due to its favorable weather conditions.

The presence of the second highest mount in Africa makes the park an important watering tower for the park as well as the country. Tourists can visit the park to see the animals in their natural habitat as well as try their hand at mountain climbing.

Mt Kenya National Park can be accessed via road or the air. It is located 175km from the capital city of Kenya-Nairobi.

Tourists can therefore use the Nanyuki-Isiolo road or the Nyeri-Nanyuki road to get to Mt Kenya National Park. The Embu-Meru road can also easily get a tourist to the park. If the road trip seems tiring and long, one can take a flight from Nairobi to Nanyuki where there is an airstrip and later take the road to the park.

The 2800km square park is open to the public. Local and foreign tourists are encouraged to visit the park so as to enjoy a great variety of the flora and the fauna. Mt Kenya National Park can be accessed through several gates. They include: the Narumoru gate, the Sirimon Gate, Chogoria gate and the Kihari gate. The point of entry depends on the route that the tourist takes to get into the park.

Mt Kenya National Park is vast meaning that the climate, the pant and wildlife varies with the altitude and the location. Some of the major attractions that can be found at the park include: the magnificent glaciers on Mount Kenya, the three peaks of Mount Kenya which are visible in the early morning or the evening. There also is the natural forest of Mount Kenya, the pristine wilderness and the vegetation. Some of the wild animals that can be seen include the elephants, leopard, water buck, rhino, the forest hog and the fronted duiker.

Some animals such as the rhino, the bongo and the leopard are very rare to see. They come out mostly at night so as to take water.

Accommodation at Mt Kenya National Park is readily available within the park. Some hotels such as the mountain rock lodge, the trout tree restaurant and the Serena lodge. This hotels offer exquisite food and accommodation to those that wish to spend a few more days at Mt Kenya National Park.

The hotels and restaurants are strategically located so that the tourist can still see the wild animals with ease. The view points at the hotels and the restaurants are strategically placed to face the animal’s watering holes so that the tourist can catch a glimpse of them even in the middle of the night. The number of tourist making visits to Mt Kenya National Park is very high and tourists are advised to make advanced reservations if they intend to spend in one of the many hotels.

Mt Kenya National Park is also ideal for game viewing, camping, mountain climbing and exploration of the numerous caves. Experience nature at its best; visit Mt Kenya National Park today for the experience of a life time.

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