Meru National Park

Meru National Park

Kenya has different national parks and game reserves. Meru national park is one of the famous Kenya national parks which is located at the eastern part of Meru, 348 kilometers from Nairobi. The national park covers an area of approximately 780KM2.

The park is located in part of semi arid zones and has wet seasons in April – June and November –December with an average rainfall of 635-762mm in west and 305-356 in east. It is a savanna national park. During the rainfall season it results to the tall grass and swamps which make it hard to view the game animals.

The park is tremendously beautiful as it has diverse vegetations ranging from woodlands, plains and riverbanks. Meru national park is surrounded by thirteen rivers and numerous mountain ranges and streams. The park is the most beautiful park in Kenya. Meru national park has scenery which is 13000feet from woodlands on the Nyambeni mountain Range slopes. The park has also wide plains which are dotted with the doum palms.

Meru national park has variety of wildlife. The Game to be viewed include the leopard, cheetah, elephants, lion and even other rare antelopes which are not found in other national parks like Dik Dik, Duiker, Lesser Kudu; the smallest antelopes. Large herds of buffalo and pride of lions are also viewed there.

The rivers have large numbers of Hippopotamus and Crocodiles. Fishing for the catfish and barbus is also permitted along Tana river and camp sites. Though in 1980’s the Meru national park has been destroyed by poachers the park has been reestablished and currently the number of the games is increasing drastically. Meru national park inhabits over 300 species of birds. Birds in the national park includes the peters’ fin foot which lives in Ura and Murera rivers, kingfishers, bee-eaters, rollers, starlings and Pel’s fishing owl.

Meru national park is known as the setting of the Adams book “born free” which is a story of the research on lion and cheetah. Elsa the lioness grave is also in the park labeled. This made the park to achieve a worldwide fame

Former home of the Joy and George Adamson and Elsa the lioness, viewing of Mount Kenya, rivers and river habitats, Tana River and viewing of games have been the tourist attraction sites in the park. Journey to the Tana River comprises descending for 294meters from Mulika lodge.

The journey is always enjoyable despite the heat as you can be able to spot the Hyrax rabbit. . Visiting Meru national park one will have an opportunity to interact with Meru communities and learn more about their culture. Meru community have uniques culture which is very different from others communities culture. Meru national park has several camp sites which are offered at affordable costs. The camp sites are of very high quality and accommodative. The camp sites are very special though visitors can also be accommodated in hotels at Mt Kenya region.

Meru national park is known for its scenic beauty. It supports diverse range of wildlife habitats. It is the only paradise for the birdwatchers as it is a home of several species. Meru national park borders other reserve parks like the Mwingi national reserves, Bisanadi national reserves and Rahole national reserve. Visiting the Meru national park you will have an opportunity of identifying different and unique wildlife and have an exploration.


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