Malindi Marine Park and Reserve

Malindi Marine Park and Reserve

 Among the key noteworthy aspects of the Malindi Marine Park and reserve is that it was Kenya’s first marine protected area. The park was established in the year 1968, and in 1979, the Man and Biosphere Reserve programme of the UNESCO designated it as a Biosphere Reserve. Malindi Marine Park and Reserve is therefore the oldest Marine Park in the African continent. The total area covered by the park is 6 square kilometers.

Malindi Marine Park and Reserve is situated in the Southern part of Malindi town and extends to the Mida creek. The sites neighboring Malindi Marine Park and Reserve are the Arabuko Sokoke forest and the Gede ruins. Moreover the park is surrounded by a national reserve and a coastal strip land of 100 feet beginning from the Vasco da Gama pillar and ending at Watamu. The area covered by the reserve is 213 square kilometers, extending there and a half nautical miles seaward.

Malindi Marine Park and Reserve is easily accessible by air as well as by road. It is a home to relatively unaffected and rich biodiversity, in addition to a beach that is warm and beautiful sight. The beach water is safe for those touring to swim in. Malindi Marine Reserve and Park also has attractive resources such as coral gardens, fringing reefs, mudflats, mangroves, marine mammals, shorebirds, turtles and the sea grass beds.

The fringing and patch reefs that are distributed on the seaward end of the barracuda channel form the main biotopes of Malindi Marine Park and Reserve. The prevailing physical conditions such as sediments from the Sabaki River and winds influence the structure of the reefs. The fringing reef is near the shore, with some areas being 150 meters or less from the shore. Parch reefs are submerged with tops covered by algae while the sides of the reed covered by large heads of Goniastrea retiformis. The patch reefs are mainly found on the eastern end of the channel.

Currently, Malindi Marine Park and Reserve has no accommodation. Visitors have the option of staying in the town of Malindi that has several prestigious lodgings and hotels. The hotels and lodges are situated in a proximity that is close to the park. Camping is another option that visitors can consider while in the Malindi Marine Park and Reserve. The park has camping facilities such as a campsite, characterized by a cool shade of indigenous trees.

The trees provide serene and scenic environment that has a marked nature trail. Visitors should consider touring the Malindi Marine Park and Reserve because there stay will bring back memories of splendor, owed to the fact that the park brings out nature as it was intended to be.

There are also several activity options available for visitors. Swimming is among the activities that visitors should consider, owed to the fact that Malindi Marine Park and Reserve has a great beach with safe water. The water is also safe enough for visitors to dive for exploration activities.

Visitors can also do picnics and barbeque in the park’s magical islands. Another interesting activity is the glass bottom boat rides as well as visits to the coral gardens that host tropical fish. The park also has information or education center than that is equipped with audio visual facilities. Sea bird-watching and sunbathing are other activities that are worth noting. It is therefore clear that the Malindi Marine Park and Reserve is among the best tourist destinations that visitors should consider while in Kenya.

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