Losai National Reserve

Losai National Reserve

Losai national reserve is a game reserve located in northern Kenya. More specifically the game reserve is located in Isiolo. The game reserve was established in 1976 and is currently under the management of the Kenya Wildlife Service. The park covers an area close to 1800km square and is close to 180 kilometers of Mount Kenya, Kenya’s highest mountain.

Losai national reserve was initially considered a restricted are due to the fact that it was previously home for the endangered black rhino and the elephants. As a national reserve movement and regular interactions is restricted. The purpose of the Losai national reserve is to ensure that the natural habitat of the region is preserved as much as possible.

The northern part of Kenya is dry and partly semi arid meaning that the park is also dry with a semi desert landscape. The game reserve is characterized by features such as rocky hills, a lava plateau and open plains. On the west side of the national reserve there is the magnificent Ol Doinyo Lekinyo Mountains as well as the Ndoto Mountains There also is a wide variety of animal species in Losai national reserve. Animals such as elephants, the greater and lesser kudu and gazelles can easily be spotted in the park. Reptiles such as pythons, cobras and lizards are also common in Losai game reserve due to the hot humid whether that the reptiles prefer. It is also easy to note that there are a large number of insects such as grasshoppers, beetles and scorpions.

It is easier to access the Losai national reserve by using a four wheel drive as the terrain is rough and natural. Once in the game reserve an avid tourist can take a walk along the seasonal dry bed of the Milgis so as to have the ultimate wilderness experience. The only means of transport to Losai national reserve is through road as there is no rail or airstrip.

Losai national Reserve is quite affordable and friendly to both the local and the foreign tourists. The rates are very attractive. For instance an adult no resident tourist is required to pay only $20 and a child $10 for a tour of the Losai national reserve. Local tourists are also encouraged to tour the national reserve at the cheap price of only 100 Kenyan shillings for the adults and 50 shillings for the children. Local tourism is also an attractive area of revenue for a country and by placing low tourist rates the locals will be more willing to visit the Losai national reserve.

Losai national reserve has readily available wardens that accompany the tourist who visit the reserve at any time of the year. It is advisable to take a warden with you once you arrive at the Losai national reserve. The wardens are hospitable and friendly and act as tour guide through the park. The warden will also come in handy in case of an emergency such as mechanical failure of the vehicles or a medical emergency.

Losai national reserve gives one the ultimate jungle and wilderness experience. This is because it is virtually in the middle of no where, it is in a semi desert area without an airstrip or rail. For those who love adventures and road trips, Losai national reserve is the ultimate destination.

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