Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru national park was developed in the year 1961 and it borders Nakuru town. The park started with a small area but currently it has been extended to cover a large area which acts as a home for birds and wild animals. The park surrounds Lake Nakuru whereby it covers an area of about 30 km2. The park neighbors the famous Nakuru crater which is about 20 kilometers from Nakuru town.

Located at central Kenya, Lake Nakuru national park has a bushy and wooded ecosystem. The lake is in Nakuru district which is one of the districts in rift valley province. The major attractions of Lake Nakuru national part are the birds and wild animals. With more than 400 species of birds, the park creates the best environment for travelers and tours who want to spend their time. The environment of the park is also best for wild animals such as elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, rhinos, and lions among others. The park offers different activities such as camping, hiking, bird watching, photograph taking, and recreation activities. Lake Nakuru national park is one of the best places to stop over for tours simply because it offers the best.

Hundreds of individuals come from different parts of the world to see the beauty of the park. It is known for its famous flamingo birds which are countless. The population of flamingo birds only present in the park was estimated to be more than two million by the year 2008.

Lake Nakuru is a shallow lake with alkaline water. This environment is best for algae which is the food for the flamingos. If you are in your holidays and want to have the best moments in your life, Lake Nakuru national park is the place you should be. Apart from flamingos, Lake Nakuru national park also has two different types of birds which make the place attractive. Cormorants and pelicans best known for eating fish are present in the park.

The park provides an environment which is best for other wild birds such as the grebes, avocets, European waders, and stilts among others.Lake Nakuru national park is under a rehabilitation program which aims at protecting black rhinos. A sanctuary for the black rhinos has been established simply because it has been noted that as the ecosystem of the entire place changes, black rhinos are decreasing in their numbers. If you visit

Lake Nakuru national park you have a chance of spotting the black rhinos because currently the place has more than 30 rhinos making the park one of the places in the country which has the largest population of rhinos and birds. The park also has the waterbuck which are easily seen by tours and travelers who visit the place. On the other hand, Lake Nakuru national park has a number of predators which also makes the place attractive. The main predators present in the part are the snakes, owls, lions, and the leopards.

Best known for flamingos, Lake Nakuru national park is one of the best national parks in the country which has different activities for holidays. If you want to have fun during your free time, visit Lake Nakuru national park and you will get the best. The park has best tour guides who provides you with services that enables your stay in the park be the best. Bird watching, wild games, and camping are some of the main activities which Lake Nakuru national park provides to tours who visit the place.


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