Laikipia Game Sanctuary

Laikipia Game Sanctuary

Laikipia game sanctuary is in central Kenya at the plateaus of Laikipia. When visiting this place, tours are required to make arrangements with the management. The reason for arrangement is that Laikipia game sanctuary has no accommodation which can serve a lot of people. The sanctuary was established in the year 1991 with the aim of protecting wild animals such as elephant, bush pig, big cats, gerenuk, eland, duiker, and lion among others. This sanctuary is the best compared to other sanctuaries simply because it has an ecosystem which is favorable for wild animals as well as for locals. If you want to spend time in the right manner, visit the place and you will enjoy to your fullest.

Laikipia game sanctuary is located at the ranches of Laikipia which are the best and beautiful recently developed ranches in the east Africa. One of the reasons as to why the place has an environment which is suitable for locals as well as for the animals and birds is that it’s shadowed by Mount Kenya. The plains of Laikipia offer the best environment for the animals for they get water from Ewaso Ny’iro. Laikipia game sanctuary is fed by fairly developed roads thus accessing the place is not difficult compared to other sanctuaries. Hundreds of different bird species are present in this place giving the sanctuary a beautiful look. There are different activities offered by the sanctuary thus individuals who want spend time in the right manner should visit us.

Laikipia game sanctuary is known for the Big 5 wild animals. Laikipia is the homeland of different wild animals such as wild dog, impala, black rhinos, lion, Somali ostrich, and gazelle among others. If you are a fan of watching birds, Laikipia game sanctuary is the place to be. It offers good watching environment for wild animals as well as for different birds. Hundreds of individuals who visit Laikipia game sanctuary find it best because it is best for short walking activities as well as for camping.

Spending your holiday at Laikipia game sanctuary helps you get memorable moments because guides who are offered to you ensure that they have given you the right direction. Laikipia game sanctuary is one of the best places in Kenya for it borders Thompsons falls. The place gives travelers the best because guides and management of the sanctuary has been trained on providing services that are best.

Laikipia game sanctuary is one of the largest sanctuaries in the country with animals and birds which give the sanctuary a beautiful look. This sanctuary is known for its good game watching because they are different wild animals in the sanctuary. Laikipia game sanctuary is delight for camel trekking and game drives for its game guides who are trained on handling tours who want to spend their time.

Although Laikipia game sanctuary has no accommodations, proper arrangements are done with the management whereby lodges are booked or camping assistance service is provided. One of the main advantages in booking with Laikipia game sanctuary is that private tours are arranged as per the individuals wish. The sanctuary has and it offers the best to tours who want to spend their time. Traveling costs are catered by the sanctuary for those who have book with the place.

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