Kora National Reserve

Kora National Reserve

Kora national reserve was first gazette as a reserve in 1973 and later as a park in 1989. Located in the coast province Kora national reserve is situated approximately 120kilometres east of Mount Kenya and is bordered by the famous Meru national park and the Tana River. Major attractions such as the Adamson falls and the Kora rapids are found at the Tana River.

In the 80’s the poachers faced the serious problems of poachers who posed a threat to the existence of the wild animals. However, the Kenyan government took stringent measure to outlaw the act and today poaching is an illegal activity in the country.

Kora national reserve has a hot and dry weather conditions and the tourist are advised to dress light when visiting the park. The rainfall is moderate and occurs between the months of March and May and November to December. The days are relatively hot with temperatures ranging from 24-31 degrees Celsius while the nights are cool at 15-16 degrees Celsius. Kora national reserve has a variety of flora and fauna. They include the presence of grasslands and shrubs as well as wildlife such as the leopard, hippopot5amus, the lion and a wide variety of antelopes.

Kora national reserve is located away from the hustle and bustle of the capital city, Nairobi making it an ideal tourist spot for local and international tourists that want to get away from the hustle of the capital city. Kora national reserve can be accessed by road or by air. By using the road, Kora national reserve is approximately 250kilometres from the capital city Nairobi.

A road user would use the Thika Mwingi road through a village by the name of Kyuso and head towards the Meru national park crossing the Tana River. If you plan to use air travel there are two air strips around Kora national reserve: one is used by the park administration and the other is used by tourists but is located 10kilometres away from the park.

Kora national reserve is a major tourist attraction park due to the fact that it can be visited any time of the year. The park does not have any specific high and low seasons and the wildlife can be viewed at any time of the year. This is an advantage to the tourist who would like to have sufficient time to plan for a holiday and park visit in Kenya. Kora national reserve is a magnificent to visit but it does not have its own accommodations and the tourist are advised to make prior arrangement with hotels around the adjacent towns or make accommodation arrangement at Meru national park which is adjacent to the Kora national reserve

Other than the viewing of animals the park is also a hot spot for rock climbing due to the presence of the mountains and rocks that are situated in the park. Fishing is also a tourist’s favorite pass time activity due to the presence of river Tana. A tour of the cost province will be incomplete without a visit to the magnificent Kora national reserve. Tourist can be able to see wildlife at its natural habitat. In an effort to encourage more tourists to visit the park, the administration of Kora national reserve regularly adjust their prices so as to attract more tourists.


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