Hell’s Gates National park

Hell’s Gates National Park

Kenya is a country with variety of the tourist attraction sites. It has national parks and game reserves with variety of wildlife animals. Different national reserves have different tourist attraction sites. The most attractive national park in Kenya is the Hell’s Gate National Park with wildlife, geological and geographical attractions.

Hell’s Gate National Park is one of the unique parks in Kenya which was established in 1984. The park lies on southern side of Lake Naivasha. Hell’s Gate National Park is located between Suswa and Logonot volcanoes and Lake Naivasha. Hell’s Gate National Park covers an area of approximately 68.25KM2 and is 1900 meters above the sea level. The park is about 90KM from Nairobi and it takes one and half hours to reach the park. Hell’s Gate National Park has geographical and geological scenery which makes it attractive to the tourists.

The area has warm and dry climate. Two volcanoes, Hobley’s and Olkaria are located in the parks which are always visible. Hell’s gate Gorge is located within the Hell’s gate National park, which are decorated with red cliffs with two volcanic plugs, central and Fischer’s towers. There is also another smaller gorge whose paths erupts into hot springs thus during the visit one can spot rocks with burning effect. Hell’s Gate National Park is covered with ashes due to the 100years ago eruption which occurred in Mt Longonot. The park is well known for the geothermal power production.

Hell’s Gate National Park is composed of the Savanna ecosystem and has wildlife variety. The hell’s gate park has more than 100 species of birds including eagles, swifts, and Ventures. The mostly seen wild animals include lions, cheetah and leopards. Other common animals include buffalo, Baboons, giraffe, eland, zebra, impala Thomson’s Gazelles, Lion, Hyena and hartebeests. Hell’s gate park accommodates smaller animals like mountain reedbucks, antelope and klipspringers.

Hell’s Gate National Park has variety of attraction sites; hence one can visit the park any time of the year. The attractions include game viewing, hot springs, nestling in cliffs, scenic type of landscape, geothermal station and traditional Maasai culture. In the park one is allowed to travel or cycle unguided. Lake Naivasha is a convenient place for viewing the park.

Camping inside the hell’s gate National park is also advisable as the park has several camping sites which are of high quality. The services in the camp sites are provided regardless of where one comes from, hence one will have chance of intermingling with local and tourists during the visit. The camping sites are well equipped and there is variety of camp sites along Lake Naivasha which are known for birds and game viewing, watersports and crater lakes, Mt Longonot and Crescent Island walks.

Hell’s Gate National Park is well known for its variety of activities. Hiking, cycling, wildlife viewing, rock climbing, bird watching and camping are the famous activities in the Hell’s Gate National Park. Visiting the park it will be like an exploration as there are several geological sites in the park. You will be able to identify the way volcanoes erupts and be in a position to see the hot springs and molten lava which after cooling forms rocks. Hell’s Gate National Park is one of the best tourist attraction sites where an individual could enjoy to the pool. Visit Hell’s Gate National Park today and have an exploration.


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