Eco Safari In Kenya

Eco Safari In Kenya

 Kenya is one of the tourist attraction sites in the world. Kenya has a wide range of tourist destinations like national parks, mountains, lakes and also the sand beaches in the coast. Moreover, the cultural activities along the coast have become a major tourist attraction sites. Most tourists visit the coast to see different cultural activities. The eco safari in Kenya has made it easy for tourists to visit different places in the country. There are various companies and resorts that offer eco safari in Kenya. Like in other eco safari in countries, eco safari in Kenya has contributed to tourist attraction and growth of the tourism industry. The eco safari companies in Kenya differ. 

  Some companies offering eco safari in Kenya offer 24 days eco safari package. Other companies providing eco safari in Kenya offer 14 days eco safari package.   The eco safari packages in Kenya consist of various things. Some of the eco safari companies in Kenya offer transport to tourists. Tourists are transported to various tourist attraction sites in the country using safari vehicles. Moreover, the eco safari packages offered by the companies include park and game entry fees and also accommodation for the tourists. Tourists are accommodated in various tourist hotels in the country.

In addition, the tourists are provided with three meals in a day while on safari and also water.Eco safari in Kenya has proved effective for the last few years as tourists have been able to visit a vast range of tourist sites in the country. A large percentage of habitats in Kenya are covered   by forests starting from the coast to the mountain areas in the Rift Valley. There are also rainforests in western parts of Kenya. Tourists are given an opportunity to see the forest areas in the western parts of Kenya, Rift Valley and the coast when they take a wildlife safari through the forests.  

Tourists can trek through the forests and take the world’s best safari (eco safari in Kenya) into various places like Kakamega, Abadares and Arabuko Sosoke and even Mt. Kenya. In Kakamega tourists see the rain forest. In Aberdares, tourists see buffalos and elephants as they go through the quiet forests. Tourists also see wildlife from the slopes of Mt. Kenya. Further, tourists can visit the Arabuko Sosoke forest in Coast. The forest is located 110 kilometers north of Mombasa. The forest protects some of the rare species of birds in the world.

The Clarke Weaver, Sosoke Scops Owl and Sokkoke pipit are found in the first. Other birds include Amani sunbird and spotted ground thrush. Taking an eco safari in Kenya enables the tourist to see the rare species of birds.Additionally, eco safari in Kenya has enabled tourists from different parts of the world see various wild animals when they take a wild life safari. Tourists can view elephant herds as they gather near the water holes when they spent a night in tourist hotels like treetops. Apart from the places listed above, tourists can take an eco safari in Kenya to other tourist areas in the country like the Maasai Mara and the Tsavo national parks.

There are different animals in the park that tourist can see when they visit the parks. For example, tourists visiting the Tsavo national park can see zebras grazing. Also, the parks have world class tourist accommodation places like Kilanguni Serena Safari Lodge. Also, tourists taking an eco safari in Kenya can spent a night at the Porini Selenkay camp outside the Amboseli national park and also Porini Ol Kinyedi near Maasai Mara national reserve. Hence, the increase in tourism activities in the country is attributed to the eco safari in Kenya.



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