Cultural Safari In Kenya

Cultural Safari In Kenya

 Kenya is one of the richest countries in Africa in terms of culture and its diversity. When a tourist takes a culture safari he or she will be able to see the diverse cultures in Kenya and how each culture is distinctly different from the other. The Kenyan culture is born of difference sources each with its own history. Reading about the diverse cultures in Kenya will not be as fulfilling as actually take a cultural safari in Kenya. A cultural safari in Kenya enables the tourist to experience the different cultures first hand. Kenya has over 30million citizens and they are all from different cultural background. What makes Kenya the right destination for the cultural safari is the fact that each of the cultures in Kenya has its own practices and lifestyle that is unique from the rest.

Kenya is the best destination for a cultural safari due to the fact that most of the indigenous tribes such as the Maasai and the Samburu on the Northern part of Kenya have been able to retain their cultures and practices. A cultural safari in Kenya on the Maasai land will give you a touch of their indigenous lifestyle. This is well demonstrated in their dance, their music and their homes. A tourist who takes a cultural safari in Kenya in the Maasai and Samburu areas will be able to experience a night at the Manyattas.Kenya is home to over 42 tribes that are living together in harmony.

The interaction of the different cultures is a clear indication that mankind can live peacefully regardless of their differences. A tourist is therefore encouraged to engage in a cultural safari in Kenya and explore, have adventure and learn of the lifestyle of the Kenyan people. The Kenyan coast is also a great destination for a cultural safari in Kenya. The coastal region is culturally different from the rest of Kenya. The people from the coast adopted diverse cultures from the Arabs as well as the Portuguese. They adopted some of this cultural practices to which they have retained to date. For instance the trade activities at the coast during the colonial era led to the coastal people adopting most Arabic practices and to date there is a blur lines between the two cultures. While taking a cultural safari in Kenya along the coast, you will experience the rich coast, the beaches and sea underworld.

Tourist can also experience cultural safari in Kenya through touring the vast wilderness. A cultural safari in Kenya of the wilderness will enable you to experience man and wild animal living harmoniously. Most of Kenya parks and game reserves are located near the habitats of man. Other parks such as Nairobi national park is situated right at the heart of Kenya capital city, Nairobi.A cultural safari in Kenya can also be taken in the Kenyan mountains. Mountains in Kenya have cultural connections as communities around these mountains hold a religious connection to it.

Lakes have also proven to have an essence in the cultural safari as they are considered by some communities to be their origin. Major cities such as Nairobi and Mombasa are also perfect destination to take cultural safari in Kenya as they hold rich and diverse cultural histories. A visit to Kenya will not only leave the tourist informed but he or she will have experienced a life time adventure which he would not have experienced had he not taken the safari. Take a cultural safari in Kenya today.



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