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Why You Should Visit Mt Elgon National Park

Why You Should Visit Mt Elgon National Park

Mt Elgon National Park is located 140 kilometer North East of lake Victoria. Mt Elgon National Park is 1279 km². The park is divided by the Kenyan border and Ugandan border. The Ugandan side covers almost 1110 km² and the Kenyan side covers 169 km². The Kenyan part of Mt Elgon National Park was registered in 1968 and the Ugandan part in 1992.Touriss can visit the park to see different kinds of wild animals. Mt Elgon National Park is home to a wide range of animals.

The park is home to elephants and buffalo. The elephants and buffaloes are found on the lower slopes of Mt Elgon National Park. In addition, Mt Elgon national park has small antelopes and forest monkeys. There are different kinds of monkeys in the park. Examples include black colobus monkeys and white colobus monkey. Other monkeys include blue monkeys.

Apart from being home to elephants and buffalo, Mt Elgon National park is home to a vast range of birds and tourists can visit the park to see the birds. There are more than 300 birds that are found in Mt Elgon National Park. Tourists taking safari birding to Mt Elgon National Park are able to see various birds like endangered lammergeyer and African Goshawk. Additionally, the tourists are able to see Baglafetch weaver, Maathai longleg.

The maathai’s Longleg was discovered in 2000 in the park.Mt Elgon National Park has a wide range of scenery that tourists can see when they visit the park. Mt Elgon national Park has cliffs and caves. It also has waterfalls and gorges. Other attractions inside the park are calderas, mesas, mountain peaks and hot springs. The most popular attraction sites in Mt Elgon National Park are the four caves. The four caves are home to various animals like elephants, buffaloes. The animals come to lick salt that is found on the walls of the caves. For instance, the elephants and buffalos frequent the Kitum cave that is found inside Mt. Elgon.

The cave has overhanging crystalline walls that enter 200m inside the Mountain. Hence, this has made it easy for tourists to visit the park as they are able to see the wild animals easily.

Moreover, tourists are able to view the escarpments, gorges, mesas and rivers from the Endebess Bluff. Mt Elgon National Park is an excellent place for hiking. Koitoboss is an excellent place where hikers can visit. Koitoboss is considered the highest peak of Mt. Elgon and it is almost 4,155 meters. Hikers can reach the top of the mountain within two hours.

There are various activities in Mt Elgon National Park. Examples include vehicle circuits that lead to different caves in the park and Koitoboss peak. The vehicle circuits enable tourists to visit animal viewing areas. Other activities are self guided walking trails. Tourists can ask for guide book at Kitum Cave. Tourists can also hike to Endebess Bluff and Koitoboss Peak. Primate watching and bird watching are also popular activities in Mt Elgon Park. In addition, tourists can explore caves and also camping photography.

Moreover, Mt Elgon Park has various types of forests like montane forests and moorland   forests that serve as tourist attraction areas. The vegetation cover in the park varies with the altitude. The slopes of the mountain are covered with different kinds of forests like Olea Hochstetteri and Aningueria adolfi-friedericcii. There are also olive and podocarpus gracilior forest. There are also podocarpus and bamboo arundinaria alpine. Tourists visiting Mt Elgon National park are able to see the different types of forests.

Why You Should Visit Chale Marine National Park

Why You Should Visit Chale Marine National Park

Kenya is one of the best African countries with an ecosystem which offers a good wildlife environment. Chale marine national park is a national marine park with variety of activities and services which make your tour the best in Kenya. Chale marine national park was established in the year 1995 with the aim of reserving the fragile coral reef ecosystem of the costal region. If you want time for yourself, visit the park simply because it offers activities which are best and affordable.

It is one of the parks that have beautiful tourism sceneries hence providing an environment best for travelers as well as tourists.Chale marine national park is known for its activities and services which most of marine national parks don’t offer. The park has different species of fish and reptiles thus it is the best place to be when you are in your holidays. If you want the best for your holiday, plan visiting Chale marine national park. Fishing trips and sailing are the major tourist attraction activities offered by the park. Hundreds of tours from different parts of the world enjoy visiting the park simply because they get activities which make their visit the best.

The park has non-motorist water sports which most marine parks don’t offer to visitors thus if you are a fan of such activities, visit Chale marine national park and you will get the best at an affordable price.Chale marine national park is one of the main areas that visitors visit when they get into Kenya. The place is known for it marine type of environment which offers marine life to animals, birds, and reptiles which are in the area. If you want a place where you will spend your time in the right manner, visit Chale marine national park. The park offers the best accommodation services to tours from different parts of the world.

Apart from the best accommodation places that Chale marine national park has, the park is in association with some tour operator’s services which offers accommodation services to you. Visiting Chale marine national park is the best because you will get all what you want at any time making your holiday a memorable situation. Hundreds of visitors who visits Chale marine national park are returning tours and their friend who found the place to be the best and an environment which is friendly.Another reason as to why you should visit Chale marine national park is that the place offers the best in reptiles such as turtles and tortoise.

In conjunction with KWS, Chale marine national park has developed a program which aims at protecting reptiles. If you happen to visit the park, you will have an opportunity of visiting different places in the park where you will see different animals and birds. Traveling to Chale marine national park is not difficult compared to other national parks simply because the access to the park is the best.Chale marine national park has an environment best for birds thus it has variety of African birds which make the park a beautiful place. If you want to visit other national parks which offer wildlife services, the park will organize for you. Different types of fish and fishing activities are offered by the park thus let your holiday be the best by visiting th

Why You Should Visit South Island National Park

Why You Should Visit South Island National Park

South Island National Park is one of the best parks which offer environment best for marine life. If you want to see an island national park which has no outlets, visit South Island National Park. Seasonal fluctuations in the Island make the park a low level environment because the inflows of the place are few and the climate is hot. Tours who wants to spend time in the Island has the best chances of watching birds because the place has the largest population of birds. Fish activities such as fishing and watching are some of the activities which should make you visit South Island National Park.

South Island National Park is also known as the Lizard Island national park. The park has best sceneries which make your visit to the place the best. There are flamingos and pelicans which are not available in most of the parks. Tours who visit South Island National Park usually get chances of visiting Sibiloi National Park because they near each other. The park is an important place for tours because it offers different activities best for making your tour the best. When you visit the park, you will have chances of seeing the migrant waterfowl and crocodile.

Most tourists from different parts of the world visit the place to view different types of snakes available in the park. If you want your holiday to be the best, South Island National Park is the place to be for it is the home of different reptiles and hundreds of birds.Bordering South Island National Park is the central island national park. The central park is known for its attractive volcanic nature which forms carter lakes. The lakes formed by the central island are all saline developing a good environment for tilapia, flamingo, and crocodile. Individuals who want to have the best time for their holiday should visit South Island National Park because it has all that a memorable tour requires. Another reason which should make you visit the island is that, the El-Molo community which is believed to be the smallest community in the country lives here.

It is the best national park in the country simply because it combines different types of activities, services, and animals thus making it offer the best for you. Some of the animals present in the park include Oryx, zebra, giraffe, topi, Grant’s gazelle, and the famous greater kudu.The climatic condition of South Island National Park is the best and that is the main reason as to why reptiles, animals and birds have chances of making the place their home. The park is the best for tours all over the world. With hot and arid climatic conditions, South Island National Park gives you chances of choosing the best time for your visit unlike other national parks.

The place can be visited all round the year because of its climatic conditions thus if you want to have the best time for you, visit South Island National Park.South Island National Park is easily accessible from Nairobi. Access can be done through roads which are weather and also by way of air for the place has two main Airstrips which connect Nairobi. Accommodation of South Island National Park is the best thus when planning on your visit, fear not because the accommodation services will be offered by the park.

Why You Should Visit Tsavo East National Park

Why You Should Visit Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park is the largest National Park in Kenya. The park is located in the Kenya’s coastal region and covers an area of 11,747 square kilometers. The park is equal distance of the cities of Mombasa and Nairobi and therefore can be accessed from these two cities. Tsavo East National Park can be accessed through Voi which is 153 kilometers from Mombasa. The Park can also be accessed through Mtito Andei which is 233 kilometers from Nairobi and 250 Kilometers from Mombasa. Tsavo National Park can also be accessed by air through the numerous airstrips located inside the park.

The primary attraction of Tsavo East National Park is wildlife. Tsavo East National Park is home to wide variety of animals including the big five and the small many. The big five include; the lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and the leopard. The park has one of the highest populations in Africa which is estimated to be around 35,000. Tsavo East National Park is also home to a wide variety of bird which makes a bird watchers’ paradise. While at the park you will be able to view bird species such as the lovebird, East African eagle, sacred ibis, crowned crane and the black kite among many other species.

Tsavo East National Park is also covered by a variety of plant species. The climate inside the park is generally dry and a vast proportion of the park is covered by grassland. There is a limited forest cover that is mostly made up of acacia trees. Apart from wildlife the landscape also offers a unique experience to visitors. The area is home to various rivers including the Tsavo and Athi rivers which merge to form the Galana River. Down the course of the river you will also find the Lugard Falls which consists of a series of cataracts.

Tsavo East National park is an ideal destination for a number of tourism activities. Game drive is one the activities that is popular inside the park. The roads inside the park are well maintained giving an opportunity for tourist to drive around and get a closer view of the animals. The plain landscape coupled with the grassland vegetation also makes it easier for tourist to spot wild animals inside the park thereby enhancing the experience for visitors.

Balloon safaris are also popular in Tsavo East National Park. Balloon safaris give you an opportunity to tour the park while riding on a hot air balloon. The aerial view enable by the hot air balloon enables the visitor to view large number of animals and to cover a large area of the park. Tsavo East National Park is also an ideal destination for adventure seeking tourist. This is because a vast proportion of the park remain largely unexploited an offer a unique experience for tourists who would like to go camping in the wild.

While planning your visit to Tsavo East National Park you do not need to worry about accommodation because there are plenty of options to choose from. There are numerous lodges and tented camps located inside the lodge. One of them is the Voi Safari lodge. This is a top rated lodge that is located a few kilometers from Voi.

The lodge will provide you with all facilities and amenities that will make you stay comfortable. Other facilities found in Tsavo East National Park include; kingfisher Tented Camp, Patterson’s Safari Camp, Aruba Ashnil and the Ndololo Tented Camp. There are also private camping sites such as the Ndololo Campsite.

Why You Should Visit Mpunguti Marine National Park

Why You Should Visit Mpunguti Marine National Park

The Mpunguti Marine national Park is located in the coastal area of Kenya. Mpunguti Marine National Park is on the Southern Coast near Shimoni and South of the area of Wasini Island in Kwale District. It is located near the Tanzanian border to Kenya. The Mpunguti Marine National Park covers about 39km sq.

The Mpunguti Marine National Park is located in area with four small islands that are usually surrounded by coral reefs. Coral reefs are the natural structures that are formed when polyps come together and form one structure that can last for over centuries. The Mpunguti National Park offers a wide range of marine life for visitors to the park including; dolphins, scorpion fish, green sea turtles, whale sharks, wrasses, angelfish, hawksbill, butterfly fish, snappers, damselfish, parrotfish, moray eels and groupers.

The loved humpback whales and the whale sharks are usually seasonal. For all the lovers of flora and fauna, the Mpunguti Marine National Park has a lot to offer. Sea grasses that can be viewed include; cymodocea, serrulata, syringodium isoetifolium which all cover a large area of the water. The Mpunguti Marine national park also offers a great view of algae that include; Padina commersonii, Dictyota bartaysiana, Bostrychia binderi, Ulva lactuca, Udotea indica and Halimeda Opuntia.

Most visitors to the Mpunguti Marine National Park usually enjoy the dolphins and the snorkeling. There is also bird watching and sea diving which can be done at the Mpunguti Marine National Park. Sunbathing and swimming are also popular activities among visitors. For visitors that are interested in film, filming is also licensed at the Mpunguti Marine National Park. The Mpunguti National Park has acted as affine base for Visitors to the Mpunguti Marine many scientists that are interested in the various marine life species in the world. Kenya is able to offer a variety for visitors who might only know of a limited number of species of marine life.

The Mpunguti Marine National Park has been at the center of discussion for marine biologists all over the world because of the new number of species that have been documented at the Park. Most of these species are new and they are many because the area is unspoiled. It has been documented that the Mpunguti Marine National Park is home to over 250 species of marine species and 40 varieties of corals.

The Mpunguti Marine National Park is commonly known as the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve. Dhows usually transport people over the shallow marine reserve from the coastal mainland from where one can easily view the clear water and the great number of marine life. The Mpunguti Marine National Park also offers a great site for individuals who like deep sea fishing whereby they can go all the way to the Pemba channel where they can be able to fish for species like large barracudas and kingfish. Fish that can be viewed at the Mpunguti Marine National Park include pelagisc fish, butterfly, and manta ray.

The park also offers pristine coral varieties which include; staghorn, lilac blue, brain, mushroom and lavender varieties. Visitors to the Mpunguti Marine National Park can stay in the many hotels and lodges that are found in the coastal area of Kenya especially near Diani, Kwale, and Mombasa. Most visitors usually find accommodation at the Shimoni Bandas.

Why You Should Visit Mombasa National Park And Reserve

Why You Should Visit Mombasa National Park And Reserve

Mombasa National park and reserve was established in 1986. Mombasa National Park is 487 kilometers from Nairobi and the park area is almost 10 sq. kms. The Mombasa National reserve area is 200 sq. kms. Mombasa National Park and Reserve was established to protect the precious coral heads and the marine life from being damaged through fishing and collection of various things along the marine like relics, shells and coral.

Mombasa National Park has contributed a lot to growth of tourism industry in the country due to the high number of tourists visiting the area. There are various reasons why tourists should visit Mombasa National Park and Reserve. Tourists can visit Mombasa National Park and Reserve to see corals. There are different kinds of corals. Examples of coral species in Mombasa National Park and Reserve include branching encrusting and massive. The coral species act as tourist attraction sites and tourists touring the coastal region can visit the park to see the corals.

The Mombasa National Park and Reserve is the original trading and saving port in the country. The park was opened by local hoteliers to prevent striping of natural treasurers from the reef so as to conserve the ecological attractions and tourists attractions. Moreover, tourists can visit the Mombasa National Park and Reserves to see the beaches. There are various beaches in coast that have marine park access.

Tourist can visit Nyali beach, Bamburi beach and Shanzu beach. Tourists can swim, ride and even relax along the beaches. The depths for diving and snorkeling differ   from one place to another. That is between 30 feet and 1000 feet. There are different kinds of reefs. There are multicolored hanging reefs and large corals. The reefs and corals complement the sandy beaches. Snorkeling in shallow depths shows the coral reefs near the surface. This enables small marine life to survive.

In addition, the Swahili culture has led to increase in number of tourists visiting coastal region. Like other towns in Kenya, Mombasa has a diverse population. The population in the country has changed greatly for the last ten decades. The costal region is inhabitated by the Swahili people, Arabs, Indians and Africans. The traditions of the costal communities have influenced development of buildings in Mombasa and hence served as tourist attraction areas.

Mombasa is a mesmerizing mix of traditional culture and modern culture. The main sights in Mombasa are Fort Jesus and the old Town. Tourists visiting Mombasa National Park and Reserve can visit the old Town and Fort Jesus to learn more about the costal town, its history and culture.

Further, tourist should take wildlife safaris to Mombasa National Park and Reserve because there are many redcurrants and   hotels where tourists can spend their nights. The restaurants and hotels provide different foods to local and international tourists visiting Mombasa National Park and Reserve. They provide African dishes, Chinese dishes, Italian dishes and Indian dishes.

The availability of accommodation and food specialties has increased the rates of tourists visiting the park. Majority of the tourists visiting the country prefer to tour Mombasa National Park and Reserve because of its diversity and also the beaches. Like other parks in the country, Mombasa National park and Reserve is managed by Kenya Wildlife services. Tourists visiting the park should get assistance from the Kenya wild life service.


Why One Should Visit Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park And Reserve

Why One Should Visit Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park And Reserve

Ol donyo sabuk national park and reserve is a fascinating park and it is located 85 kilometers north east of Nairobi in the district of Machakos in eastern province. It is a mountain park and is situated south east of Thika town. Ol donyo sabuk national park and reserve is 5 kilometers away from the fourteen falls and comprises of forested slopes and ravines and 2144 meters summit from where Mount Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro and the surrounding lowlands which includes Nairobi city can be viewed. The size of the park is 20.7 square kilometers.

Accessing Ol donyo sabuk national park and reserve by road you will have to proceed 22 kilometers from Thika town along the main Garissa road to Makutano junction, then from Makutano junction you have to follow the Kenya wildlife service sign and turn right heading 3 kilometers on all weather murram road to Donyo town and from Donyo town turn right and proceed 2 kilometers further to the main gate. It is possible to walk to the park which is 9 kilometers from the main gate to the summit and takes around 3 hours and you must take an armed ranger with you. The climatic condition in the area is warm and the fourteen falls is about one kilometer from the highway while Ol donyo sabuk national park and reserve is 5 kilometers from the highway.

Ol donyo sabuk national park and reserve major attractions are fourteen falls, Athi River, scenic views from the peak and McMillan grave. Ol donyo sabuk national park and reserve is a densely forested mountain which is known to the local Kikuyu as the ‘mountain of the Buffalo’ and to the Maasai as the ‘big mountain’. There is just one road which leads to Ol donyo sabuk national park and reserve where you can see the wonderful 360 panoramas over Athi River, the snow capped peaks of Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro and the pineapple fields in Thika.

The cool air and the lush vegetation of this compact and the scenic Ol donyo sabuk national park and reserve makes this park an ideal camping weekend or day trip. When on a tour to Ol donyo sabuk national park and reserve the Kenya wildlife provide self catering accommodation in Sabuk guesthouse where ten people can sleep. The camping facilities are also available and are offered by Turaco public camping which is situated at the main gate.

Ol donyo sabuk national park and reserve has a picnic site at the main gate or at the lookout point which is at the mountain. At the peak of the forest you may find some giant plants particularly giant lobelia which is commonly associated with the Afro alpine zones of Mount Elgon and Mount Kenya. Ol donyo sabuk national park and reserve is home to 45 species of birds and the birds that are easily spotted are white browed sparrow weaver, grey headed sparrow weaver, morning dove, African hawk, MacKinnon grey shrike, African pied wag tail, augur buzzard, yellow vented bulbul, helmeted guinea fowl, grey tit, ring necked dove, bronze sunbird, black headed oriole, great sparrow hawk, speckled moosebird and superb starling.

The dominant animal in the ecosystem of Ol donyo sabuk national park are the buffalos with other animals including olive baboon, bushbuck, Kirk’s dik dik, leopard, colobus monkey, reedbuck, vervet monkey, monitor lizard, python, common duiker, bush pig, bush baby, rock hyrax, mongoose, porcupine, aardvark and tree and ground squirrel. There are different activities which one can perform while at Ol donyo sabuk national park and reserve like game viewing, mountain climbing and camping.

Why You Visit Malkamari National Park

Why You Visit Malkamari National Park

The north eastern province of Kenya is predominantly known a round the world due to the harsh weather conditions that make the region almost inhabitable. Tourist may then be tempted not to look into this region once they visit Kenya. However, there are scenic sites and other tourist attractions across the region. One such area is the Malkamari National Park that lies along Edaua River on the Kenya Ethiopia border. The park is strategically located on the Mandera plateau. Malkamari National Park was established and gazette as a national park in 1989 after the government noted that the region has a variety of wild animals and that it would be better if they are conserved in a park.

The Northern Province is known to be hot and dry and the Malkamari National Park is no exception. Tourists are advised to dress very light and carry adequate amounts of water, sunscreen and hats for the entire duration they will be at the park. Tourists should also carry cameras and binoculars so as to view the spectacular sights and sounds of the park.

 Though Malkamari National Park is remotely located in the outskirts of urbanization, it has an airstrip making it more accessible than many other national parks. Tourist can acquire a charted plane to Mandera airstrip from where they can easily get to Malkamari National Park.

The poor infrastructure of the region makes it impossible for tourist to access Malkamari National Park by road.The park also has major tourists’ attractions such as the fort of Malkamari, the numerous hills scattered around the park and the valleys. Since the area is largely semi arid it has bush lands and grasslands that are found along the Daua River. A visit to Malkamari National Park is the ultimate experience of hardship and the wilderness. Those individual that like to test their limits can do so by visiting this park.

There is hardly any life around and in the park. The park is surrounded by nomadic herders who are always on the move meaning that they are dispersed across north eastern province. There are hardly any human settlements around the area and tourist may prefer to fly in and then fly out of the region once they finish touring Malkamari National Park.The geographical sites at Malkamari National Park are the main attraction of the region. On the southern side of the park for instance there are the magnificent kalacha Urane plains whereas the Awara plains lie to the southern side. The northern side marks a boundary that indicates the end of Malkamari National Park and the beginning of the Ethiopian border. The Kenyan-Ethiopian border is separated by the Dawa Wenz River. It is amazing that a mere river separate two nations.

The boundary is a clear indication of the mutual understanding that members of the neighboring communities hold. One side of the river is Ethiopia and the other side is Kenya. The extreme north eastern point of the park also forms part of the Kenya, Ethiopia and Somali meeting point.

 Since Malkamari National Park is a new park, it is still under developments. Factors such as improving the infrastructure so as to make the park accessible by road are underway. Malkamari National Park gives anyone a feel of relaxation as one gets an opportunity to escape form the hustle and activities of the city and enjoys the tranquility of nature.

Why You Should Visit Ndere Island National Park

Why You Should Visit Ndere Island National Park

Ndere Island National Park is a small tourism destination situated in the Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria. The park was established in 1986 and covers an area of 4.2 square kilometers. The park is located 50 Kilometers from Kisumu which is the third largest urban centre in the country and the native home of the Dhuluo community.

Ndere is a Dhuluo word which means a “meeting place”. Ndere Island National Park is easily accessible by water from Kisumu. A boat ride from Kisumu town to Ndere National Park will take about two hours. Kisumu is located 347 kilometers from Nairobi and accessible by road and air through the Kisumu airport. A road trip to Kisumu will take you approximately four hours and 35 minutes while using an aircraft will take you less than an hour to arrive to Kisumu.

There are a number of attractions to look forward to when planning to visit Ndere Island. One of these attractions is Lake Victoria. This is the largest lake in Africa and the second largest fresh water lake in the world covering an area of 68,800 square kilometers. The lake and its environs provide spectacular scenery for visitors. A visit to Ndere Island National Park also involves crossing the lake using a boat adding to the experience of the visitors. The boat ride to Ndere Island National Park will provide you with an opportunity to spot a variety of animals that inhabit the lake. These are such as the crocodiles, hundred of fish species and hippos.

Apart from the lake, Ndere Island National Park is richly endowed with small games such as baboons and antelope. This makes the park ideal for game watching. Apart from the hippos and crocodile that are found on the shores of the lake, the rest of the animals inside the park are harmless and therefore you will get an opportunity to walk around the park with the company of a Kenya Wildlife Service ranger.

Ndere Island National Park is also popular for having a variety of bird species including fish eagles, ibis and the hawks. This makes the park an ideal destination for bird lovers. Other activities that can excite you visit to Ndere Island National Park includes; hiking, camping and photography. The park has is covered by grassland vegetation which makes it ideal form camping and hiking. There are also numerous camping and picnic facilities inside the park. The beautiful scenery provided by the lake and landscape also makes Ndere Island National Park an ideal destination for taking photographs.

The climate in Ndere Island National Park and the region as whole is generally hot and humid and therefore you are advised to carry suitable clothes for this kind of weather. Goggles, a hut and sunscreen will go along way in making your stay comfortable. You should also ensure that the boat you riding on to and from the island is well equipped with enough safety jackets for all passengers. You will have no problem with accommodation when visiting Ndere Island National Park as there are numerous luxurious hotels located in the nearby town of Kisumu. Imperial hotel, the Sunset hotel and the Kisumu hotels are some of the establishment you should consider booking yourself into when planning a visit to Ndere Island National Park.  


Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo west national park is approximately 9,000 sq km game park in southern Kenya, situated about 200 km south-east of Nairobi. Separated only by the Mombasa -Nairobi road and railway from Tsavo east, Tsavo west is a part of the entire Tsavo ecosystem. The park is located in the coast province and it is covered in volcanic cones, lava outflows and volcanic outcrops. Tsavo west is an international wildlife and environment treasure chest. Tsavo west national park contains a variety of habitat, geological soil types, animals, birds and plants. Tsavo west national park is close to the Amboseli national park, and on a clear day in Tsavo west, one is able to see Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Tsavo west in Kenya is more vegetated and greener compared to Tsavo east but each one of these parks in Kenya has its own diversity.More than 50 different types of mammals graze, scavenge, browse, and hunt in the bush country and grasslands of Tsavo West national Park. Zebras are always seen slaking their thirst near Tsavo west national park’s luxurious game lodges. Among the most unusual animals is the gerenuk, an antelope that is long necked and that which browses on the sweeter and higher levels of the acacia thorns. Carnivores are very abundant in the park.

The most famous of Tsavo west national park site is the Mzima Springs, where the rainfall harvested in the porous volcanic springs forth at the rate of 225 million liters a day into pools and streams of hippo and crocodile infested waters. Tsavo west national park offers excellent lodges and luxury camps for all tourists. Camps found in this camp include but not limited to: Severin camp, Kilanguni camp, and Finch Hattons camp. These are the most famous camps in the park. The western part of Tsavo west national park is more popular destination on account of its magnificent scenery, varied and rich wildlife, Mzima springs, good road system, rhino reserve, rock climbing and guided walks along the Tsavo River.

The northern part of Tsavo west national park is the most developed in terms of infrastructure, and has magnificent scenery with a rolling volcanic landscape carpeted in long grass and dense bush. This park is covered by tall vegetation which makes game spotting a little trickier compared to some other parks. The big five which include: elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros can be found in the park. The main attractions in Tsavo west national park are the two waterholes built by the lodges to a more guarantee that the guests will be treated to a fabulous game viewing. Places to visit in this park include the Chaimu crater and the roaring rocks view point.

These are situated in the southwest of Kilanguni Safari lodge and they can be climbed in roughly 15 minutes and offer sensational views over the plains.The major wildlife attractions in Tsavo west national park include the big five, cheetah, giraffe, crocodile, zebra, nocturnal porcupine, plains game, insects, diverse plant, and over 600 species of birds including the threatened corncrake and near threatened Basra Reed Warbler. The activities in Tsavo west national park include: game viewing, caving at the shetani caves, camping, cave exploration, and underwater hippo and fish watching. Tsavo west national park customizes Kenya safaris at no extra cost. The itinerary in this park including accommodation and activities are designed to suit each visitor’s preference. For bookings please visit our website.

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