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Why You Should Visit Kakamega Forest National Reserve

Why You Should Visit Kakamega Forest National Reserve

Kakamega forest national reserve is like a walk in the park. It has a unique flora and fauna which are highly adapted to the ecosystem of the forest while you time away, tour guided or self guided nature walks, night walks, bird, primate watching, butterfly, picnicking, camping will keep you glued this beautiful haven. The Kakamega forest national reserve comprises of both Buyangu and Kisere reserves for a total of 44.399km2. The Kakamega forest national reserve managed very strictly.

Being the only remnant in Kenya of the unique Guineo-Congolian forest ecosystem, the park provides unique wildlife and scenic beauty. The falls along the river Isiukhu and the atmosphere of riverine along with the trail of river Isiukhu make someone to feel relaxed on the trail. The viewpoint of Buyangu offers a quick eye-view of the forest canopy.

At the site of picnic one can sit back and relax under the grass-thatched rest house as you watch water birds at the water-point.

For individuals who like watching bird and butterfly, Kakamega forest national reserve is a good place for them.

The Kakamega forest national reserve has a rich reserve habitat of food and hence the park supports more than 300 birds’ species, more than 350 species of trees, 27 snake’s species. The snakes in Kakamega forest national reserve are friendly given the wet nature of the forest reserve all through the year. Since the Kakamega forest national reserve was started about 20 years ago there has been no history of snakebites. The Kakamega forest national reserve also houses about 400 butterflies’ species, reptiles, 7 primate species and mollusks.

With the given sort of biodiversity in Kakamega forest national reserve one cannot get bored while in the forest. The endangered Turner’s eremomela, charpins flycatcher and the voice mimicking African grey parrot are also found here.

The Kakamega forest national reserve also houses the endangered Debrazza monkey which is found at the isolated Kisere Forest Reserve, which is part of the greater Kakamega forest national reserve. The majestic black and white Columbus monkey together with the flying squirrels, blue monkey and potto which is the world slowest mammal on earth are among the attractions. Duikers, forest bucks and dik diks are also found in the Kakamega forest national reserve.

The Kakamega forest national reserve is a rich culture and history and therefore the community tour guides should have plenty of information. The trails of nature are as well labeled for easy self-guiding.

The Kakamega forest national reserve is very well preserved and as a result it holds mostly indigenous vegetation like Elgon teak, mkombero among others.

The Kakamega forest national reserve provides a calm atmosphere for both band accommodation visitors and campers. The Kakamega forest national reserve has six simple chalets that are made in the local Isukha community tradition and provides a calm accommodation for a maximum of 14 persons. The facility is as well ideal for family as one of the bandas has four beds with the rest having 2 beds each.

For visitors who are more adventurous, camping can never be wilders here. With a guarantee of good security all time, every second would be worthy the amount of money spent on it. Additional accommodation facilities in Kakamega town and the southern end of the forest include Golf Hotel Golden Inn, sheywe Guest House, Rondo Retreat and Isechero Guest house.


Maralal Game Sanctuary

Maralal Game Sanctuary

The Maralal game Sanctuary is located in the Rift valley in Kenya. The Maralla Game Sanctuary is located in Laikipia district which borders the District of Isiolo on its Northern side. The Maralal Game Sanctuary is bordered by a belt of riverine forest in the north; which is known as the Mkogodo forest reserve. This riverine forest is well fed by the Ngare ndare River which borders the forest and the Maralal game Sanctuary. The landscape at Maralal Game Sanctuary is rich and has a variety of wildlife making it an interesting area to visit while in Kenya.

Maralal Game Sanctuary isitors to the Maralal Game Sanctuary can also enjoy bird watching and visitors can be guided for nature walsk by trained and experienced guides. The Maralal Game Sanctuary is located in Maralal which is the administrative center of Samburu District. The Maralal Game Sanctuary can be accessed via Maralal town. Most of the area around the Maralal Game Sanctuary is surrounded by the Samburu who are closely related to the famous Massai tribe of Kenya.

The warriors of the Samburu tribesmen adorn themselves with beautiful ornaments and they jump up and down at their traditional dances and rituals which if the tourists are lucky can also get to witness. The Maralal Game Sanctuary has one of the highest populations of zebras, warthogs, impalas, baboons, leopards and hyenas.

While visiting the Maralal Game Sanctuary, visitors can also get to see the Kenyatta home which is where the father of the great nation of Kenya was detained in the times prior to independence. Other tourist attraction activities include water rafting, camel riding and bush walking. There are great views and sceneries of thorny bushes and a lot of game as they hunt and feed. Elephants seasonally pass through the Maralal Game Sanctuary. There is a sanctuary at the Maralal Game Sanctuary, where most animals go to water themselves.

Visitors to the game sanctuary can stay at the Maralal Safari Lodge from where one can clearly observe most of the wildlife as they go about their day. Some of the animals can also be seen at night as the animals get busy hunting and trying not to be the prey. One can also get to observe leopards that have been caged not so far from the game sanctuary. Visitors can also use the rocky track to visit Lake Turkana.The Maralal Safari lodge which is where most visitors of the game reserve stay, is well furnished and elegant to suit the tastes of many people.

The Maralal Safari lodge is equipped with a 48 bed capacity with many facilities that can accommodate a large number of people. All the rooms at the Maralal Safari lodge are en-suite and spacious. Facilities like restaurants, bars, lounges, swimming pools, game viewing terrace, pool bars and conference hall facilities are available to all visitors that get accommodation at the Maralal Safari Lodge.

Visitors to this area can take advantage of the rich cultures of the people around this area to learn more about the history and culture of Kenya. Visits to the Samburu manyatta can be made while visiting the area. There is also an annual camel derby that goes on every year and visitors can hope to catch this during their visit. The Losiolo look out point is also a great inclusion to the visiting areas of the game sanctuary and the areas around it. From this spot, visitors can take pictures that can serve as their memories to the beautiful scenery.

Laikipia Game Sanctuary

Laikipia Game Sanctuary

Laikipia game sanctuary is in central Kenya at the plateaus of Laikipia. When visiting this place, tours are required to make arrangements with the management. The reason for arrangement is that Laikipia game sanctuary has no accommodation which can serve a lot of people. The sanctuary was established in the year 1991 with the aim of protecting wild animals such as elephant, bush pig, big cats, gerenuk, eland, duiker, and lion among others. This sanctuary is the best compared to other sanctuaries simply because it has an ecosystem which is favorable for wild animals as well as for locals. If you want to spend time in the right manner, visit the place and you will enjoy to your fullest.

Laikipia game sanctuary is located at the ranches of Laikipia which are the best and beautiful recently developed ranches in the east Africa. One of the reasons as to why the place has an environment which is suitable for locals as well as for the animals and birds is that it’s shadowed by Mount Kenya. The plains of Laikipia offer the best environment for the animals for they get water from Ewaso Ny’iro.

Laikipia game sanctuary is fed by fairly developed roads thus accessing the place is not difficult compared to other sanctuaries. Hundreds of different bird species are present in this place giving the sanctuary a beautiful look. There are different activities offered by the sanctuary thus individuals who want spend time in the right manner should visit us.

Laikipia game sanctuary is known for the Big 5 wild animals. Laikipia is the homeland of different wild animals such as wild dog, impala, black rhinos, lion, Somali ostrich, and gazelle among others. If you are a fan of watching birds, Laikipia game sanctuary is the place to be. It offers good watching environment for wild animals as well as for different birds. Hundreds of individuals who visit Laikipia game sanctuary find it best because it is best for short walking activities as well as for camping.

Spending your holiday at Laikipia game sanctuary helps you get memorable moments because guides who are offered to you ensure that they have given you the right direction. Laikipia game sanctuary is one of the best places in Kenya for it borders Thompsons falls. The place gives travelers the best because guides and management of the sanctuary has been trained on providing services that are best.

Laikipia game sanctuary is one of the largest sanctuaries in the country with animals and birds which give the sanctuary a beautiful look. This sanctuary is known for its good game watching because they are different wild animals in the sanctuary. Laikipia game sanctuary is delight for camel trekking and game drives for its game guides who are trained on handling tours who want to spend their time. Although Laikipia game sanctuary has no accommodations, proper arrangements are done with the management whereby lodges are booked or camping assistance service is provided.

One of the main advantages in booking with Laikipia game sanctuary is that private tours are arranged as per the individuals wish. The sanctuary has and it offers the best to tours who want to spend their time. Traveling costs are catered by the sanctuary for those who have book with the place.


Why You Should Visit Aberdare National Park

Why You Should Visit Aberdare National Park

Aberdare national park is a fascinating region and it is part of the Aberdare ranges. It came to existence on May 1950 with its main objective being to protect the forested moors and the slopes of the great Aberdare Mountains. Aberdare national park covers an area of 766 square kilometers and it is located 100 kilometers north of Nairobi. The attitude of the park ranges between 2100meters and 3400 meters above sea level.

Aberdare national park has a wide range of landscapes from the mountain peaks to their deep v shaped valleys which are overlapped by rivers, streams and waterfalls. Moorland, rain forest and bamboo forests are found at lower attitudes. The park is accessible on tarmac from Naromoru and Nyeri on the eastern side and it has 60 kilometers primary roads and 396 kilometers secondary roads. Aberdare national park road network is adequate though the visitors are advised to use a 4 wheel drive during the wet seasons.

The natural world that can be easily observed in Aberdare national park are the baboons, leopards, lions, white and black colobus monkeys and plus Sykes monkeys. Some other animals that can be spotted are golden cat and the bongo which is a beautiful forest antelope which lives in the bamboo forest. In the moorland you can see animals like the eland and servals cats. Aberdare national park is a wonderful place where you can view birds.

It takes pride in over 250 species of birds which include goshawks, Aberdare cisticola, sunbirds, sparry hawks, Jackson Francolin and eagles. Buffaloes dominate and proliferate the grasslands; there are African elephants, bushbucks, warthogs, duikers and waterbucks. Aberdare national park is well endowed with leopards, giant forest hogs and black rhinos which is one of the biggest populations of endangered animals in the country.

Visitors who visit Aberdare national park will find different types of accommodation according to the preference that they like which ranges from tree top tree house lodge, to the ark which is built in the shape of Noah’s ark and three self help banda sites. Aberdare national park provides eight special campsites and a public campsite that is located in the moorland. The Ark and the tree tops are built above the ground beside floodlit waterholes with salt licks.

During the night the Ark offers better game viewing and nocturnal game viewing is taken very seriously in such a way that there is a bell alarm in each and every room which sounds when an unusual animal turns up at the waterhole. Lodges in Aberdare national park are one of the chief attractions to the park. There are a couple of accommodation options which are higher up although they tend to be more basic. They include sapper hut, tusk camp and fishing camp and they are booked through the Kenya wildlife service.

The activities in Aberdare national park are trekking and hiking, mountain biking. Due to the high altitudes, the park is a good place to perfect your mountain biking skills while you are watching the awesome sights of the wildlife and the breath taking landscape. Fly fishing is also possible the ice cold crystal clear streams in the park offer anglers an opportunity to catch exotic species of brown and rainbow trout. For those people who enjoy picnicking outside, Aberdare national park offers five excellent picnic sites.

Why You should Visit Nairobi National Park

Why You should Visit Nairobi National Park

 Nairobi National park was developed in 1946. Nairobi National Park was the first park to be established in Kenya. The park is located almost 7 kilometers south of Nairobi city. Nairobi National Park is separated from the Nairobi City by a fence. The proximity of the city and the park has led to conflict between the wild life and residents in the city as the residents have endangered the animal migration routes. Nairobi National Park has a wide range of animals.

Nairobi National park has acted as a tourist attraction site for the last few years. There are various reasons why tourists should visit Nairobi National Park. Tourists can visit the park to see the herbivores and other animals. The large number of herbivores in the park has attracted tourists. There are also herbivores in the park as stated above. There are wildebeests and zebras. The herbivores use the kitengela conservation area and the migration routes to the south of the park to migrate to other places like the Athi Kapiti plains. The herbivores leave the Athi Kapiti plains during the dry season and return to the park.

The number of wildlife in the park is high during the dry season as most of the animals return to the park when the areas surrounding the park dry up. Hence, tourists should visit the park during the dry season so as to be able to see variety of animals. There are small dams that have been developed along the Mbagathi River to provide water to animals in the park. The dams in the park attract herbivores during the dry season.In addition, the park is home to a vast range of wildlife.

The park is home to African buffaloes, baboon and black rhinoceros. It is also home to Burcheles Zebra, Grant Gazelles and cheetahs. Other animals found in the Nairobi National Park are lions, leopards, Thomson Gazelle, eland and impala. Moreover, the park has ostrich, waterbuck, hippo and vulture.Apart from having herbivores and other animals, it has various types of birds. Nairobi National Park has more than 500 bird species that tourists can see. The birds migrate from the park to other arts of the country.

The dams built inside Nairobi National Park have developed man made habitats for birds and other water animals. Tourists can visit Nairobi National Park anytime to see the various species of birds. Additionally, Nairobi National Park has elephants and rhinoceros. Daiv Sheldrick Trust has a sanctuary inside the park that rears orphaned elephants and rhinoceros. The elephants and rhinoceros are released back to the sanctuaries after they grow up. The sanctuary is used to nurture orphaned animals and sick animals from different parts of the country.

The sanctuary is located near the entrance and tourists visiting Nairobi National park can see it. The Nairobi National Park is considered the best rhinoceros sanctuaries in the country.Other attractions inside Nairobi National Park are the migration of Zebras and wildebeest in July and August. Aldo, the Ivory burning site movement acts as a tourist attraction center as tourists from inside and outside the country visit the park to see ivory burning site monument and burning of ivories. The Nairobi safari walk and animal orphanage is also an excellent attraction site. Lastly, tourists can visit Nairobi National Park to attend wild life lectures that are offered at the wild life conservation education center.


Why Should One Visit The Meru National Park

Why Should One Visit The Meru National Park

The Meru national park is a game park found in Meru, a town 350kilometers from Nairobi. This Kenya game park covers an area of 870 kms. The park is among the famous national park in Kenya mainly for its natural state. The Meru national park is located at a place with abundant rainfall of 305-356mmon the east of the park and 635-762 mm on its west. This heavy rain makes the park to be ever green with lush swamps, and tall grass that make seeing the game difficult…

The park is the home of wild beasts such as leopard, elephant, hippopotamus, cheetah, rare antelopes, rhinoceros and others. The park is among the two national parks where conservationists Joy and George Adamson raised the lioness by the name of Elsa and their work became an awarded winning movie by the name Born Free and best selling book. This lioness is buried at Meru national park.

The international Fund for animal Welfare assisted the Kenya Wildlife Service in 2000 and 2005 to restore the Meru national park at the verge of its ruins. This park has since then become an inevitable and promising place for tourists to visit the park. The restoration of the national park was through solving the problem of poaching. It is easy to reach the Meru national park due to the park’s Mulika Lodge Airport. The tourist attraction zones at Meru park are the Joy Adamson; Adamson Falls   that views Mount Kenya and another attractive   feature is the River Tana.

Visitors can also reach the national park through Nyeri-Nayuki-Meru or through Embu which are roads. For one to reach the gate into the park between Mau to Nurear gate is a distance of thirty five kilometers. Another road which one can use to access the park is Embu to URA Gate which is 120 km. The road from Nairobi is currently inaccessible.

The climate sate of the Meru national park receives irregular rainfalls and is a semi arid zone. April to June and November to December are the wet season in this Meru national park. Entry to the park is only through cash system only so doing not operate as a safari card system. One needs to visit the Meru national park mainly for its attraction pants such as the snow capped mount Kenya, the Adamson falls, river Tana, the reverie habitats and the home of Elsa the lioness.

The Meru national park host Puff Udder, Buffalo, Cobra, reticulated giraffe, gravy zebras , Eland , waterbuck, Bush Pig , Python, Bohor reedbuck and over three hundred species of birds The main vegetation seen in Meru national park are the wooded grasslands at the western zone, the open grads land in most of the areas and the thorny bush land at the North of Meru national park. Dense river forest is also found at the Meru national park made up of Raffia and Doum.

The Meru national park offers accommodation to its visitors at Leopard Rock Lodge, Elsa Kopje. Other places for accommodation are offered by the self – Catering accommodation by KWS such as kina Bandas, Meru Luxury House and Murera Bandas. You cannot miss to see what the Meru national park offers.


Why Should One Visit Naivasha National Park?

Why Should One Visit Naivasha National Park?

To be sincere, Naivasha National park is a one stop paradise. These may appear as just words of mouth but the reality is not just until one hit the road and sets his or her feet on the Naivasha soil. No matter what route one takes, the journey to Naivasha national park is one amazing short errand from Nairobi.

There are lots of spectacular attractions and sites along the way which leaves any visitor anxious of the real spectacle that awaits them within the confinements of the Naivasha national park. For a foreign tourist, being in Naivasha national park is the best and most memorable way to feel the natural pulse of Africa. On the way to Naivasha national park are a bunch of view points from which different and amazing sites of the Great Rift Valley and its attractions can be observed. Again, the journey can be made via any of the available adventure safaris that are available to cope with the ruggedness and the physical surface of Naivasha national park.

Setting feet in Naivasha is one thing and learning to identify the hidden treasures hidden in it is the other since the experience of a lifetime awaits you. To begin with Naivasha national park is located in the Great Rift Valley part of Kenya. Here, there are all sorts of Rift valley attractions and sites including Lake Naivasha, the Hell’s gate national park and a variety of interesting Flora and Fauna.

Inside the park are spectacular sites of antelopes, gazelles, bushbucks, dik-dik, Thomson’s gazelles, steenbok, impalas, Masai Giraffe, hippopotamus, and other sorts of herbivorous wild. In addition, the Naivasha national park houses carnivorous like fox, small and large spotted genet, hyena, jackals, and mongoose among other carnivorous. There are also savannah baboons, and green velvet hares and porcupine.

The climate around Naivasha national park is one hot and dries one the perfect match for a semi arid area and more so situated in the rift valley. However, this does not mean the entire visit to the place is not worth the while or worth the value for a visitor’ money. However, Naivasha town offers to itself a solution to this imbalance through its amazing accommodation facilities within and without the park. All what one needs to do is to choose from the large choice of accommodation present in Naivasha town.

After a long and tiring day in Naivasha National park, the next thing one wants to have is this cool and relaxing moment more so to ease from the tiring moments of the scorching sun. The lake Naivasha itself is a home to very many camping sites, bandas, and self catering medium to high budget accommodation. Some luxurious accommodations include the Fish Eagle Inn, the Fisherman Camp, and Naivasha Country club among others.

The Naivasha national park visit is worth it at any time in the year just so that one can relax and have some time out to enjoy what nature has to offer. From the national park, it is possible to enjoy the site of escarpments, rugged scenery, mount longonot, the Aberdare ranges and so much more.

There is actually no other excellent combination between wildlife and the landscape like that Naivasha national park has to offer and that is why there are all reasons to take your camping bag and get ready to take a snap of the African continent by setting foot in Naivasha national park.

Why You Should Visit Lake Nakuru National Park

Why You Should Visit Lake Nakuru National Park

  Nakuru means dust or dusty place in Maasai language. Lake Nakuru national park which is located close to Nakuru town was established in 1961. Lake Nakuru national park started off small, only encompassing the famous lake and surrounding mountainous vicinity. Now it has been extended to include a large part of the savannahs. Lake nakuru national park varies from 5 to 30 sq km is a small alkaline lake on the edge of the town of Nakuru lies about 160 km north of Nairobi. Therefore, this park can be visited on a day tour from the capital Nairobi or more likely as part of a circuit taking in the Masai Mara, Mt. Kenya, and Samburu national parks.

 Lake Nakuru national park is world famous as the location of the greatest bird spectacle on earth. Found here are myriads of fuschia pink flamingoes whose numbers is legion, often more than one million or two. The flamingoes faeed on the abundant algae which thrive in the warm waters of Lake Nakuru national park. It is reckoned that the flamingoes consume about 250,000 kilos of algae per hectare surface area per year. There are two types of flamingoes found in Lake Nauru national park: the lesser flamingo which can be distinguished by its deep red carmine bill and pink plumage, and the greater flamingo which has a bill with a black tip.

The lesser flamingoes are commonly pictured in documentaries because they are large in number. The population of flamingoes in Lake Nakuru national park is on a steady increase again. The numbers had reduced due to the El-Nino weather pattern which flooded the lake and changed the concentration of alkaline. Flamingoes are not the only avian attraction in Lake Nakuru national park, also unforgettable are the two fish eating birds, pelicans and cormorants. Despite the tepid and alkaline waters, a diminutive fish, tilapia grahami has flourished after being introduced in the lake. Lake Nakuru national park is richer in other bird life. There are more than 400 resident species of birds on the lake and in the surrounding park.

Thousands of both little grebes and white winged black terns are frequently seen as are stilts, ducks, avocets, and in the European winter the migrant waders are also seen. Lions and leopards can be sighted in Lake Nakuru national park. Prides of lions can be seen relaxing by the road side or on a tree trunk after a heavy meal of zebra or buffalo. Other predators which can be spotted in the park are the spotted hyena and the jackal. Lake Nakuru national park is home to the largest populations of rhinos in Kenya. Thanks to the wildlife authorities’ concentrated efforts to encourage breeding among the world’s most endangered mammal, there are now about 50 black and 50 white rhinos in the park. In Lake Nakuru national park, there are plenty of opportunities to see the giant herbivores and to even take pictures of the rare mammals with the flamingoes-crammed lake Nauru acting as a picturesque backdrop.

The baboon cliff is a vantage point for taking in sweeping views of the lake. This park is the only park in Kenya which is home to the severely endangered Rothschild giraffe. Lake Nakuru national park is the great place for the Rothschild giraffe to live in because the park is home to thousands or even millions of the yellow-bark acacia trees which are favorite food for the giraffes. Other animals which reside in this park include: buffalo, bushbuck, waterbuck, reedbuck, impala, zebra, rock hyrax, vervet monkey and baboon. Even though styled as camps, sarova lion hill lodge and Lake Nakuru lodge provide excellent private en suite rooms with generous verandahs. Because of its role in reversing the fortunes of the rhino and the Rothschild giraffe, Lake Nakuru national park is a small Kenya national park with a big heart and worth visiting.

Why You Should Visit Amboseli National Park

Why You Should Visit Amboseli National Park

The Amboseli National park is located in Loitoktok District which is in Rift valley Province of Kenya. The vegetation of the area is mainly Savannah grassland which is common in Kenya and Tanzania countries of East Africa. Many animals can be found in Savannah grasslands. The Amboseli National Park is well renowned for the high number of elephants that are found in it. The elephants at the Amboseli National Park can be viewed by visitors at close range and there are other wild life species.

The Amboseli National Park offers a great view of Mt. Kilimanjaro and one can easily spot the Masaai. The Masaai are one of the various tribes of Kenya who still preserve their culture and traditions. The Amboseli National Park is at the center of an 8,000 kilometers squared ecosystem located across the Kenya- Tanzania border. Amboseli National Park was originally known as Masaai Amboseli Game Reserve.

The Amboseli National Park is unique because it is considered to be small compared to other national reserves and national parks, yet it is home to over 50 species of animals, even when the weather is dry. The animals that can be found at the Amboseli National Park include; lions, cheetahs, leopards, buffalos, elephants and over 400 bird species. Water birds that can be found in Amboseli National Park include; Kingfishers, pelicans, hammerkops, crakes and various types of raptors. Amboseli National Park covers 392 sq kilometers.

Amboseli National Park is approximately 140 kilometers South of Nairobi, which is the capital city of Kenya. It is an approximately four hour drive from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park. Amboseli’s altitude is approximately 3900-4500 feet above sea level. Horse riding services are offered at Amboseli involves meandering through the vast woods to catch views of zebras, giraffes, baboons, impala, wildebeest and gazelles. Horse riders can also see herds of elephants as they go to waterholes to drink water. Hippos can also be seen at the edge of the water holes if it is at daylight.

The hippos usually hide from the heat of the sun during the day. This is usually a wonderful site that all visitors to the Amboseli National Park enjoy. There are thick bushes where most predators of the animal kingdom can be observed. Such predators include members of the cat family; lions, leopards and cheetahs. Hyenas can also be observed in such areas.

Most of the wildlife usually come out in the afternoon and can be observed near thick bushes. Horse riders can observe herds of elephants, herds of giraffes as they feed on twigs, hyenas, and jackal and even prides of lines can be observed usually lurking in the bushes. Tourists can take beautiful pictures of the wildlife as they graze.

The beautiful sunset can also be captured in photos as the horse riders wait for the nocturnal animals mainly predators to start coming out from their hiding places. This is usually done form far distances because even though there is sufficient security from the wildlife, risks are not taken. Visitors taking game drives are advised not to get out of their vehicles, not to harass the animals in the wild in any manner, to keep to the tracks that are already in place, not to do any off- roading and to know that the park is the home to the wild animals there fore they have the right of way in the park.

Why You Should Visit Hell’s Gate National Park

Why You Should Visit Hell’s Gate National Park

For individuals who don’t know Hell’s Gate National Park they might fear visiting the place due to the name of the park. It’s of the best places in Kenya where tours can plan to have a day’s visit. Apart from Hell’s Gate National Park and Saiwa Swamp National park, the rest of Kenya’s national parts are not safe to walk or cycle without a guide. Being such secure, the park offers bio diversity environment which helps you have the best time ever. Hundreds of tours visit the park for it has an environment ideal for picnic. If you are in need of a stopover camping services, visit Hell’s Gate National Park and you will get the best from the guides.

Visiting Hell’s Gate National Park offers you an opportunity to experience the best wildlife. During the morning hours, the place offers tours the best time of watching wildlife. At mid-day, the place is not best to wildlife viewing simply because the climate there becomes hot that animals hide. Hundreds of birds present in Hell’s Gate National Park makes the park a more beautiful place thus if you want to spend your time in the right way, visit the park without doubts. Rock climbing is another important and best activity offered by the park. If you are a fan of rock climbing, there are good reasons as to why you should visit Hell’s Gate National Park.

The place is best for photograph taking and above all it has been a best site for Hollywood film production.Hell’s Gate National Park is established between Lake Naivasha and Mount Longonot thus it offers best views of different animals, activities, as well as birds. Bird watching is another main reason as to why you should visit the park. Similar to other national parks and reserves, the park is rich in different types of birds which make the place beautiful and amazing. Hundreds of tours visit Hell’s Gate National Park for driving tours thus if you want to spend your time in tour drive activities, you have enough reasons as to why you should visit the place. Apart from tour driving, there are other amazing activities which make tours and travelers visit the place.

Some of the activities include; camping, bird watching, hiking, rock climbing, biking, wildlife game, walking, and nature trails among others.Accommodation is one of the reasons as to why you should visit Hell’s Gate National Park. Tours who visit the park get opportunities of spending nights in the park simply because it offers the best accommodation. Hell’s Gate National Park is known for its 3 best campsites where tours and travelers camp when they are in the park.

The sites at Naiburta offer the best camping environment simply because of its nature and on top of that the place has guides who take tours through the park. All the three camping sites at Hell’s Gate National Park are tour friendly because they enable tours get the best game watching activities compared to other national parks.The reason as to why you should visit Hell’s Gate National Park is that most of the attractive activities in the park are done without the help of the guides. It is the only place where tours get chances of making their tours without someone helping them for the place is a self drive.

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