Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Buffalo Springs National Reserve is one of the most worthwhile tourist destinations in Kenya. The Ewaso Ngiro River separates the reserve from the Samburu National Reserve. Both reserves are equally attractive though the Buffalo Springs National Reserve is less dense and less hilly compared to its Samburu counterpart. The name “Buffalo Springs National Reserve is coined from an oasis of clear water found at the western part of the sanctuary. The national reserve hosts a number of wild animals that are worth viewing. Among the major attractions include the common zebra, and its cousin, the Grevy Zebra. Despite the fact that both zebras are of the same species, they do not interbreed. The zebra is not found in the northern side of a river, a common unexplainable occurrence.

When mentioning Buffalo Springs National Reserve, it is also inevitable to take note of the prolific bird life. The Somali ostrich dominates the plains while the southern part is dominated by the Maasai ostrich. What distinguishes the Somali and Maasai ostrich is the fact that the later has indigo neck and legs. There is also the Kori Bustrad, which stands at one meter with respect to its height. One interesting feature about the Kori Bustard is that it has an unpredictable behavior. Some times it is completely fearless of humans while some other times it is crouching or running at the fist instance of danger.

Paying a visit to Buffalo Springs National Reserve is therefore a worthwhile experience that would give one a chance to view the interesting bird life. There is a remarkable display that inflates the neck and neck feathers of the male species of Kori Bustrad. This display makes the head to seem to disappear. The bird also has a tendency of raising its rail to the extent that it lies along its back.

The Buffalo Springs National Reserve is more like an island of temptation. It not only gives visitors the cake, it also tops it with the icing. Buffalo Springs National Reserve is located at 112 km from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. Due to the short distance between the place and the capital, visitors are free to fly or drive depending on their taste. The summit of Mount Ol Olokwe is visible from either above or below and it is such attractive scenery. The land surrounding Buffalo Springs National Reserve is also a tourist attraction on its own. There is a cool crystal buffalo spring at the eastern end of the reserve in addition to a print of a true picturesque of an oasis in the desert that is created by riverine forests and surging plains.

Buffalo Springs National Reserve is therefore among the best parks to have a retreat in Kenya. In addition to enjoying the cool atmosphere of the park, visitors can get to learn more about the rich history of the reserve. The reserve is located on the leeward side of the Mount Kenya, one of the highest mountains in the country. This means that the Buffalo Springs National Reserve is more like a desert since it hardly rains.

One of the notable rich histories that can Buffalo Springs National Reserve holds is the fact that the Kenya Mau Mau used it as a tactical retreat place during the struggle for independence. The best time to visit Buffalo Springs National Reserve is during the months of December and July, preferably in the early morning hours.


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