Boni National Reserve

Boni National Reserve

Located at the costal region of Kenya, Boni national reserve offers the best for tours and travelers. It was established in the year 1976 with the aim of protecting elephants. In general, the reserve was established as a wildlife sanctuary because elephants were in the danger of poachers. Boni national reserve borders Somalia with Boni tribe as the main tribe in the area.

The ecosystem of Boni national reserve is best for wildlife simply because the place is humid and hot. The place is well known for animals such as gerenuks, buffaloes, topis, elephants, Ader’s Duikers, and the famous African elephants. Apart from the above wildlife, the park has beautiful birds such as the Brown Hooded Kingfishers, carmine bee eaters, pelicans, violet breasted sunbirds, and honey buzzards among others.

The reserve lies on the Boni forest which covers the largest part of Ijara district. Boni national reserve touches parts of other districts thus it is a large national reserve with an environment best for animals and birds. Apart from birds, reptiles, and animals, Boni national reserve is also known for its unique species of trees. This reserve has some types of tree species which are rare to get in other reserves thus it creates features which are best for tours. Some of unique and rare species of tree present in the reserve and rare to other forests include; Encephalartos hildebrandtii, Homalium abdessamadii, Croton polytrichus, Excoecaria bussei and Croton megalocarpoides.

Boni national reserve is the best for spending holiday time because it has different activities such as game watching, hiking, camping, and photograph taking. Hundreds of tours from different places visit the reserve because it has everything that makes their stay comfortable. The reserve has more than 150 different species of birds thus it makes the reserve more beautiful and attractive. Boni national reserve is one of the best places where tours and travelers go for their holidays because of the combination of activities and services offered by the reserve. If you want to have the best of your holiday, visit Boni national reserve. The place has a humid climate which is not harsh thus creating an environment which is best for having fun.

Boni national reserve is located in a rich climatic area which offers the best for birds and animals which are in the reserve. Access of Boni national reserve requires heavy vehicles simply because the roads from Mombasa are weather roads which are not fairly developed. No air strip near the reserve thus accessing the place with the help of air tends to be difficult. Although Boni national reserve is in a poorly developed area, individuals do make arrangements with KWS on how to reach to the place. No accommodation for Boni national reserve thus tours are required to plan on where to spend although with proper arrangement with KWS, small groups can be accommodated in the small lodges.

Boni national reserve is the best place for spending free time because it has different types of activities that make the entire reserve attractive. With the help of guides, travelers and tours finds the place interesting because they are directed on what they are required to do. Boni national reserve offers activities such as game watching, bird watching, hiking, lighting fire, camping, and swimming among others.

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