Bisanadi National Reserve.

Bisanadi National Reserve.

The Bisanadi National Reserve is located in the Eastern part of Kenya in East Africa. It is located on the part separating Meru and Bisanandi National Parks between the border that cuts across Meru and Boran communities that form part of the many tribes in Kenya. The area is known as Kinna. The Bisanadi National reserve was first opened up in the year 1979 in the month of September. The national reserve is spread on an area of 606 sq km. The Bisanadi national reserve has a rough terrain and therefore tourists are advised to use four wheel drive vehicles.

The Bisanadi national reserve is the dispersal area for wildlife from Meru national Park. Mwingi, Meru, Kora and Bisanadi conservation area all form part of the Bisanadi national reserve. The Bisanadi conservation area acts a major tourist attraction national reserve for both local and international tourists. For all flora and fauna lovers, there is something to look forward as visiting Bisanadi national reserve.

Riverine forests, thorny bush land and wooded grasslands are some of the vegetation that can be found at the Bisanadi national reserve. The Bisanadi national reserve can be accessed via road by passing through Meru which is located in the eastern part of Kenya. There is usually a road that connects Meru to Bisanadi national reserve. However, individuals can also use the airstrip at Korbessa to access the national reserve.

There is a lot of free space at and around Bisanadi national reserve thereby giving wildlife a lot of space where they can move. This ensures that the space in Bisanadi is natural and very interesting from an aspect of nature. Man has settled in the areas around it therefore there is no interference. Tourists and other flora and fauna lovers can therefore freely enjoy unspoilt terrain and the view of free wildlife that move through vast spaces as they search for food and more suitable habitats for better survival and perpetuation of their species.

Visitors of the Bisanadi national reserve can find accommodation at camps and lodges which are usually located in parks near Samburu and Shaba national parks. Many visitors visiting the national reserve have also sought accommodation at the Leopord Rock Safari Lodge and other lodges and camps near and around Meru national park. Examples of animals that can be seen at the Bisanadi national reserve include; lions, cheetahs, Leopards, buffaloes and many other kinds of wild animals.

Accommodation when visiting the Bisanadi national reserve can be sought at the offbeat Meru camp near the Meru National Park. The camp is located near the Bisanadi River which gives beautiful scenery for visitors to the location. The camp is lavishly furnished and gives a classy appeal yet conserving the natural and African appeal of décor and tradition.

The tents at the camp are spacious and have many comfortable sofas, a large well furnished dining area and the area is well lit using traditionally themed lamps. There is also an option for having meals served in the open as one observes the beautiful serene nature in the surroundings. Game drives and nature walks are also available for individuals who would like to observe nature at the reserve. These services are offered by trained and experienced guides, most of whom are locals and so they know the area very well.

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