Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve

Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve

Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve is among the best and known sites which help in conserving the nature. In east Africa, this place is the best and has attracted hundreds of individuals. Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve covers an area of 6km2 making it the largest reserve in east Africa which has different types of forest and woody plants. The place is located between two towns (Malindi and Kilifi) at about 115 km from Mombasa town. If you are in need of having fun and spending your time in the right manner, Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve is the place to book.

Hundreds of individuals from different parts of the world use this place for their holiday times thus it is a reserve which has different activities as well as services which make the spending worth.The reserve is located at costal areas covering the dry forest environment of the eastern African. Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve has an ecosystem of 3 main different types of forest.

Most people prefer spending their time in this area simply because it has different types of tree as well as birds. The place offers several activities as hiking, bird watching, and camping thus individuals who book with the reserve get chances of spending their time wisely. Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve has been one of the best reserves in Africa making it an international place which has an environment best for spending an individual’s holiday.

Cynometra, brachystegia woodland, and mixed forest are the main types of forests present in this reserve. Each of the forest is a unique place because it offers different services and activities as well as different types of birds and small mammals for watching.Accessing Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve is easy simply because there is the road route which passed Malindi and also we have the access of air where travelers are aired from Malindi or Mombasa airports.

Hundreds of tours use Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve for their holidays simply because the place has the best climatic conditions. This reserve has no extreme climate conditions and that is the main reason why most individuals prefer visiting it when spending their time.Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve serves as the home of different types of bird which are not common in other places. Fisher’s turaco and banded snake eagle are some of the main types of birds that have inhabited in the place.

Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve is the best for you because it offers you with skilled and trained tour guides who will help you walk through the forest. Educational walks are provided by the reserve and that is the reason as to why individuals prefer spending their holidays at Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve. This reserve is developed such that offers lessons on forest conservation skills which help visitors understand the reason as to why the place has been set aside.

Apart from different types of birds which make Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve the best for your holidays, the place has different types of animals which also make it the best for you. Elephants, antelopes, and buffalos among others are some of the wildlife which the reserve has for you. The place is also known for bird watching, general walks, education walks, running, and camping among others.

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