Adventure Safari

Adventure Safari

 Kenya is located in the Eastern Africa region and borders Tanzania to the South, Uganda to the West, Ethiopia to the North, Republic of South Sudan to the North-West, Somalia to the East and the Indian Ocean to the South-East. When it comes to offering the most unique safaris, few destinations in the world rival Kenya. Adventure safari in Kenya offers tourists an array of spectacular sceneries to choose from and thus, utmost sense of satisfaction. To begin with, a tourist can have an adventure safari in Kenya by visiting the breathtaking Thomson’s waterfalls. Located some 400 meters from the quiet town of Nyahururu in Central Kenya, Thomson’s waterfalls provide visitors with an excellent opportunity to have a feel of an adventure safari in Kenya at very minimal cost.

This is just but a tip of the iceberg; the splendid scenery of Lake Nakuru National Park is another platform for an exquisite adventure safari in Kenya. Located in the Rift Valley town of Nakuru, the lake is renowned all over the world for its eye-catching flamingoes that are in plenty and in all sizes and species; from the greater flamingo to the lesser flamingo, these beautiful birds form a marvelous canopy-like pattern as they fly flamboyantly across the skyline. An adventure safari in Kenya at the Nakuru National Park is also characterized by face to face encounters with beasts of nature such as the buffalo, eland, lion, leopard and the giraffe just but to mention a few. Tourists visiting this park experience the wildlife in their natural habitats such as the wooded grasslands of Euphorbia and Acacia species. An adventure safari in Kenya’s Lake Nakuru National Park wouldn’t be complete without enjoying the breathtaking scenery at the baboon cliff that is strategically located at an elevated altitude just above the lake.

Just about 100miles from Nakuru town is the extensive Lake Baringo which also offers visitors an outstanding opportunity to experience a wonderful adventure safari in Kenya. The welcoming people of Baringo County add spice to the occasion with a tasty traditional drink called mursik which is also boosts an individual’s immune system. The colorful City of Mombasa that lies adjacent to the Indian Ocean is another fantastic location for an adventure safari in Kenya. Renowned for its charming residents and tantalizing Swahili cuisine, Mombasa is just the perfect place for anyone who loves exploration. From the historic Fort Jesus that was erected hundreds of years ago by Portuguese explorers to the cool waters of the Indian ocean, an adventure safari in Kenya’s second largest city is simply one to die for.

Some 150 miles from Mombasa is the lovely historic town of Malindi. Even some of Hollywood’s crème de la crème make reservations on an annual basis to enjoy an adventure safari in Kenya’s coastal town of Malindi in an attempt to have a much needed break from the spotlight of Beverley Hills and the scrutinizing tabloids in Los Angeles. Malindi is undoubtedly one of the most quiet tourist destinations in Africa since it offers unrivalled levels of privacy. Back to Central Kenya, the famous Mt. Kenya National park is another renowned destination for an adventure safari in Kenya Located some 200 miles from Nairobi, Mt. Kenya national Park not only offers amazing sceneries but also a once in a lifetime opportunity for visitors to trek up and down the gigantic mountain. An adventure safari in Kenya’s tallest mountain also provides tourists an opportunity to experience snow in Africa at the majestic Batian Peak.



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